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The Chamber Filter Press is used for solid-liquid separation of suspension and has wide application, such as pharmaceutical, food, chemical, environmental protection, sewage treatment, etc. Working principle Suspension is sent into each closed filter chamber by pump, under pressure, the filtrate passes through the filter layer and filter membrane, and is discharged through the liquid outlet, the filter residue is left in the chamber to form the filter cake, thereby achieving the purpose of solid-liquid separation. Features for our Filter Press This machine is made of SUS304 or SUS316L high quality stainless steel, anti-corrosion and durable. Thread structure is adopted for the machine, and different filter materials may be used based on different filter mediums and production processes (primary filtration, semi-fine filtration, fine filtration); micropore filter membrane is directly used to achieve the purpose of asepsis. User also can reduce or add the layer number based on the filtration quantity, so as to make the flow rate meet the filtration requirements. At the same time, company also produce plate and frame filter without leakage. Pressurized seal filter when the machine working, no loss of liquid material and good liquid clarity. In addition, multi-level filter device is customized according to customers’ requirements, the first level is placed into the coarse material, the second level is placed into the fine material, which can saves time and improves the filtration precision. All sealing parts of the machine are made of silicone rubber sealing ring, which is heat resisting, non-toxic, no leakage and good sealing performance. The machine can also be equipped with automatic reflux device. When the pump stop rotating, open the reflux valve, all the sediment is discharged automatically (both with the exhaust function); meanwhile clear water can be used for back-flushing in the reflux pipe, the cleaning is very convenient.

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