High Quality Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose Either Additive For Dry Mortar

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Brand Name: VAMCELL
Model Number: hpmc
Place of Origin: China
MOQ: 1000kg
Type: Paper coating materials hpmc grade ma-1500 bentonot fiyat cellulo
Color: white
Material: refined cotton

Product Detail

Vamcell® HPMC (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose) Vamcell® HPMC is made by propylene oxide, methyl choride with alkali-cellulose after a chemical process called etherification under rigidly controlled conditions. The resultant nonionic polymer is purified , dried and ground to a fine white powder, this water-insoluble cellulolse is turned into water-soluble nonionic polymer. HPMC is a good film-former and varies somewhat in physical and chemical properties. HPMC is quite hydrophilic and readily soluble in cold water.

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