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Product Details Oreworld trade produces a range of calcium aluminate slag with low melting points for synthetic slag applications primarily in ladle metallurgy operations. Calcium Aluminate Synthetic Slag is made of select raw material of Calcium and Aluminate, blended at a proper proportion, ground to powder, pelletized after churning , sintered or melted in kiln. Sizes of the Calcium Aluminate Synthetic Slag For Laddle Refining Slag: 5-30mm, 5-50mm Other sizes can be optimized by customer' requirement. Benefits Of Calcium Aluminate Synthetic Slag 1. Low melting(≤1400℃), low viscosity of melting-slag, optimum fluidity 2. High performance of desulphurization and non-metallic inclusion absorption 3. Energy savings, Ladle refractory protection and the life of ladle prolonging 4. Faster steel refining times and better refining performance 5. Savings on the elimination or reduced consumption, cost effective, production efficient Using Method of Calcium Aluminate Synthetic Slag Calcium Aluminate Synthetic Slag can be added into ladle bottom once before slag-removing. The dosage of Calcium Aluminate Synthetic Slag will be depended on production on site. The reference dosage is 6-8kg per ton of steel. There is another method. Calcium Aluminate Synthetic Slag can be added twice, half dosage in ladle bottom at the first time, then put the last with steel flowing. Make sure ventilate at the bottom of ladle. Make the air and slag in steel go up float completely. Keep the steel liquid temperature and chemical composition consistent. For the special cement products, Oreworld trade (Tangshan) co., Ltd. includes calcium aluminate cements (CA cement) and calcium sulfoaluminate cements (CSA cement/CSA binder). The CSA cement is more and more imported by GRC manufacturers and dry mix mortars manufactures because of its higher performance compare to the Portland cement such as fast setting time, rapid hardening and high strength in 3 days. It is also widely used in bridge building the highway building and cold weather concreting.

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