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Product Name: Potassium Sorbate CAS No.:590-00-1/24634-61-5 Molecular Formula: C6H7KO2 Molecular Weight:150.22 Quality Standard: FCC IX Packing: In 25kgs carton Shelf Life: 2 years, Keep in cool and dry place Packaging Details: 1-5kg Aluminium Foiled Bag and Ziplock Bag Packed with Aluminium Foiled Bag with ZIplock Bag inside . 5-20kg Carton, 25kg Paper Drum Packed with Paper drum with Double Plastic Bags inside Delivery Detail: Shipped in 3 days after payment Storage and transport: Sodium ascorbate should be stored in a ventilated, dry and dark warehouse. Mixed with noxious substances during storage and transport is prohibited. Potassium sorbate is the potassium salt of sorbic acid, chemical formula CH3CH=CH-CH=CH-CO2K. It is a white salt that is very soluble in water (58.2% at 20 °C). It is primarily used as a food preservative (E number 202). Potassium sorbate is effective in a variety of applications including food, wine, and personal care products. While sorbic acid is naturally occurring in some berries, virtually all of the world's production of sorbic acid, from which potassium sorbate is derived, is manufactured synthetically. Application and Uses of Potassium Sorbate Potassium sorbate is used to inhibit molds and yeasts in many foods, such as cheese, wine, yogurt, dried meats, apple cider, soft drinks and fruit drinks, and baked goods. Its breakdown to sorbitol, a sugar alcohol has been shown to increase the chances of a bowel movement from eating prunes.

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