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Brand Name: TWH
Model Number: 6118
Place of Origin: China

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e have constructed and maintained over 240 HFC projects during past 20 years. As regards to the usage of OTDR in the projects, we have found that about 80% faults would occurred between end users and first tier of splitters. To address those faults before ,we have to use big ODTR which is always shared to use normally suitable for test trunk optic fiber link and some of them can not pass splitters to test or can not show exact faults such as micro bends.So that we developed a function-strengthened PON OTDR which is suitable for single soldier outfit onsite to realize each worker to have one in his tool bag just like screw driver to avoid to wait and share expensive big OTDR to carry out test. However the price is just one third of top brand OTDR, but the function can match up those top brand.

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