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Intercoolers are generally only visible when a turbocharged car is installed. Because the intercooler is actually a turbocharged accessory, its function is to improve the engine's ventilation efficiency. For supercharged engines, the intercooler is an important component of the booster system. Whether it is a supercharged engine or a turbocharged engine, an intercooler needs to be installed between the supercharger and the engine intake manifold. Since this radiator is located between the engine and the supercharger, it is also called intercooler. One of the reasons why turbocharged engines have more power than ordinary engines is that their ventilation is more efficient than the natural intake of a typical engine. When the air enters the turbocharger, its temperature will increase greatly and the density will increase accordingly. The intercooler acts as a cooling air. The high temperature air is cooled by the intercooler and then enters the engine. If the intercooler is lacking and the pressurized high-temperature air directly enters the engine, the engine may be damaged or even extinguished due to excessive air temperature.
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