TIANCHI Ln2 Storage Dewars 100L Companies In CY

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Brand Name: Tianchi
Model Number: YDS-100B-210
Place of Origin: China
MOQ: 1
Color: White
Material: aluminum alloy
Packaging: carton
Size: 61*61*103cm

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TIANCHI Ln2 storage dewars 100L companies in CY Henan Tianchi dewar vessel factory direct sales, five-year vacuum guarantee, no difference, YDS-2 portable dewar vessel, YDS-3 storage dewar vessel, YDS-6 portable dewar vessel, YDS-10 dewar vessel Note: Orders on the same day, same day delivery [payment to delivery] Ln2 storage dewars 100L Product specifications Brand: Tianchi Material: aluminum alloy Warranty period: 2 years Model:YDS-100B-210 Volume(L):104.8 Caliber(MM):210 O.D(MM):606 Height(MM):1001 Static Storage(D):163 Net Weight(KG):32 Gross Weight(KG):45.0 Static Power Dissipation(Kg/d):0.50 Packing Size:(CM):61*61*103 application: Since liquid nitrogen is a refrigerant, it can save the transportation of animal semen, vaccines, low-temperature assembly of toxic species of bacteria, other biological samples, refrigeration and health care, medical surgical refrigeration and metal materials, and low-temperature processing of precision parts. Due to the extremely low temperature of liquid nitrogen (-196 ° C) and non-toxic, medical samples are usually stored in liquid nitrogen containers for surgery, treatment or refrigeration of cells, tissues and so on. Treats a variety of skin diseases and beauty. Animal semen preservation activities. Store and transport rare animals such as cattle, sheep, pigs, semen, and embryos. Improved varieties. Used in vaccines, bacteria and viruses, cells, and human and animal organs, such as long-term active storage. What makes our products different? 1, Professional We are a manufacturer of liquid nitrogen tanks for more than ten years. In addition, we have qualified after-sales service teams to ensure that customer problems are resolved in a short period of time. 2. Strict standards The professional manufacturer of liquid nitrogen tanks is of reliable quality. The products are produced in strict accordance with the national standard “GB/T5458 liquid nitrogen biological container” to ensure that each product is 100% qualified, and has obtained IS09001:2008 quality management system certification. 3. Long service life More than 5 years of vacuum. Precautions for use: 1. Can only be used to store liquid nitrogen, and it is forbidden to store other liquid gases. 2. Liquid nitrogen is a cryogenic liquid (-196 ° C) that can frostbite the skin when spilled. Therefore, wear protective gloves when removing from the can. 3. Only liquid nitrogen tank, the tank does not contain liquid nitrogen. How to clean liquid nitrogen tank: 1. Remove the remaining liquid nitrogen from the tank and wait until the temperature rises to around 0 °C. 2. Pour 40-50 ° C water into the water tank and wipe it clean. 3. Rinse with water. 4. Let it dry naturally or dry with hot air at 40-50 °C. feature Material: Made of aluminum alloy, it is durable. Insulation: Cover the vacuum membrane to maintain low temperature function. Vacuum design: There is a high vacuum between the outer casing and the inner casing. High vacuum: equipped with a gas adsorbent to adsorb other gases, metals, and maintain a high vacuum environment. Plug: non-toxic, good insulation, reducing the evaporation of liquid nitrogen. 6 lifting cylinder: can be placed in the tank to store samples, easy to carry. Handle: It is more convenient to carry and move. Package Contents 1 liquid nitrogen tank a box 1 user manual 3 lifts

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