Open Slot Wiring Raceway Duct With Cover, Two Meters Long

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Brand Name: Tittrick
Model Number: pxc
Place of Origin: China
MOQ: 500 Pieces
Type: Wire duct
Color: Grey, (Black, Blue, White upon REQ)
Material: Rigid PVC
Certificate: CE: 94V0
Feature: Lead-free material eliminates health concerns with PVC wiring duc
Feature: Specification sheet can be sent via email
Function: Wiring installation
Condition: New
-: pre-drilled mounting hole
-: covers included
-: can be cut to any length

Product Detail

-Hide all cables that run along the walls or in server rooms with this open slot cable raceway duct.

-The thin slot/finger design allows more slots for higher density wiring, such as terminals, etc.

-The parallel openings on its walls make for easy customization and the snap-lid provides easy access to cables, while maintaining a tidy appearance.

-Great for control panels or for concealing and routing wires in all sorts of applications.
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