Cord-End Sleeves Terminals Insulated, 1000 PCS Per Pack

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Condition: New
Certificate: CE: 94V0
Material: Copper, PA 66
Type: insulated terminal
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Tittrick

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1) Use of Direction: Remove the cover of the wire and insert the wire into the rear copper tube. Use the terminal clamp to press tight. 2) The ferrules can be used to wire up a machine with a power supply, and electronic equipment. They are easy to use and perfectly work in Electrical Conductivity. 3) The crimped on cord end terminal protects the exposed wire strands from damage by the screw, which results in a stronger connection. 4) Smooth edges for easy installation. 5) Margin temperatur105 Ui=300V. 6) Delivery Port: Shanghai 7) Specification sheet can be sent by email.
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