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By removing moisture from the air, our Home Dehumidifiers GMJ Series affordable dehumidifiers for home, is one kind portable dehumidifier, is the solution to regulate humidity and create comfortable living conditions for your family members. Currently, we have two types, GMJ -12CF & GMJ- 16CF. Why need a Home / Household Dehumidifiers Living at home itself causes humidity, doing the laundry, washing, showering, watering flowers, breathing, opening windows, bathing and ventilation. You are not willing to see the mold, the bacteria spread, allergens, the respiratory disease, the spoiled furniture and floor board. Greeme aims to allow everyone to enjoy the convenience and comfort with our appliance. Experts indicate an allergen-free environment will lead to a healthy family, which requires the relative humidity to be controlled between 45 and 50%. How to accomplish this? As we all know, the dehumidifying capacity of the Air conditioner is quite limited. Using our residential dehumidifiers is a low-maintenance way to make your entire home dry, healthy, and comfortable. refrigeration Applications Home, Basement, Rooms, Meeting rooms, Hospitals, Spas & Shower room, Gymnasium, Museum, Archives and Swimming Pools etc. How to select a suitable Home Dehumidifier? To choose a suitable Home Dehumidifiers, just select according to the exact Size & volume of your room. Be sure to ask a Greeme professional to recommend a solution is highly welcomed. If the capacity of these series can not meet your requirement, you can take Ceiling Dehumidifier into consideration.

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