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Pneumatic hammer, also know as demolition hammer or breaker hammer, is an effective handheld pneumatic tool for drilling, splitting breaking, ramming and shoveling in road construction, quarrying and mining. Presumably, you can often see the scene of workers breaking the ground with a pneumatic hammer in your city. The pneumatic hammer is powered by a large air compressor. The important accessory connecting them is the a suitable air hose for compressed air delivery. In order to meet the high-pressure and high-speed power transmission needs, the hoses should be flexible, high strength, anti-aging and anti abrasive. As a manufacture, we are your one-stop supplier for pneumatic air hoses. Material Selection A worker is breaking up the ground with pneumatic hammer. There are various material options available for pneumatic hammer. Rubber We adopt quality EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) or NR (Natural Rubber) as tube material. Then reinforced by high strength polyester or synthetic yarn. PVC PVC pneumatic hammer hose are available in polyester yarn reinforced type and high-pressure double polyester reinforced type. Requirements The selection of the pneumatic hammer hoses must take into account the following factors: High temperature resistance A quality pneumatic hammer hose should be anti-explosion even in high temperature conditions. Low temperature resistance The hoses should maintain good flexibility even in chilly winter. Air compressor size Air compressor speed Why Choose Us? Manufactured from 100 % virgin material (not reground). Made with advanced production equipment and technology. 300 PSI working pressure and 900 PSI minimum burst pressure. Resistant to high temperature & aging, durable. Resistant to any weather, even extremely cold winter. Non-marring, abrasion-resistant. Non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly. We Recommend There are four polyester reinforced PVC pneumatic hammer hoses.Polyester reinforced PVC pneumatic hammer hose There are three high-pressure PVC pneumatic hammer hoses with red, blue and black colors.High-pressure PVC pneumatic hammer hose There are four rubber air hoses reinforced by polyester fiber spiral line.

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