Ceramic Evaporation Boat For Vacuum Coating

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attribute: Coefficient of thermal expansion:(4-6)*10-6K
MOQ: 500pcs
Properties: Evaporation velocity :0.3-0.5g/min/ cm²

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Ceramic evaporation boat is the very good material for vacuum aluminizing strict requirements which has special electrical and thermal properties. It is made of electrically conductive advanced ceramic composites ( Boron Nitride and Titanium Diboride), and can meet the strict requirement for metal film and paper with good thermal shock resistance and good chemical inertness of liquid aluminum. BN evaporator boat has the advantages of long service life, uniform evaporation, fast heating speed and high evaporation efficiency. Boron nitride ceramic evaporation boats is widely used in vacuum aluminium plating packing factory, capacitors metallized coating, screen coating, bronzing coating, anti fake mark coating, reflective coating and paper. Features: Good chemical stability Excellent thermal shock resistance ability and bending resistance The molten aluminium spreads easily and evenly. A good resistance to molten aluminium or any other molten metal corrosion increases the boat’s life. Technology standard: Working current:400-900A Working voltage:5-15V Operating temperature:1300-1750? Evaporation velocity:0.3-0.5g/min/ cm² Service life:10-15/h Density:2.8-3.2g/cm³ Resistivity:200-300μΩ/ cm³ Coefficient of thermal expansion:(4-6)*10-6K Bending strength:>150Mpa.

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