Garden Hose – Rubber Or PVC Material For Irrigating And Cleaning

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Garden Hose – Temperature & Wear Resistance PVC or Rubber Types Some hoses tend to get brittle if they spend too much time in the hot sun or freezing weathers, the service life of garden hose is short. The garden hose we supply has excellent weather resistance performance to be used in harsh environments. Additional, the garden hose we supply is abrasion and wear resistance and high strength to extend the service life of garden hose. Garden hose can be divided into PVC garden hose and rubber garden hose according to the raw material. Rubber garden hose PVC garden hose Rubber garden hose Rubber garden hose, similar to oil hose and sandblasting hose has three layers in structure. Inner layer. Smooth and wear resistant synthetic rubber. Reinforced layer. It can be synthetic rubber cloth or cord thread braided. It can improve tensile strength and breaking strength of garden hose. Outer layer. NR & SBR synthetic rubber for wear and abrasion resistance. It can be made into different colors. A hand is holding a piece of black color garden hose with cloth reinforcement. GH-01: Cloth reinforcement rubber garden hose.A hand is holding a black rubber garden hose with cord threads reinforcement. GH-02: Cord threads reinforcement rubber garden hose. Specifications of rubber garden hose Material: synthetic rubber and fabric or cord threads. Working temperature: -30 °C to +75 °C. Color: commonly is black, green, white and other colors can be customized. Table 1: Common Specifications of Rubber Garden Hose Item Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Working Pressure Burst Pressure Mini. Bending Radius mm in. mm in. MPa psi MPa psi mm RGH-01 6.4 1/4 12.5 4.92 0.9–3.0 42–142 0.9–3.0 126–426 35 RGH-02 8.0 5/16 14.5 5.71 0.9–3.0 42–142 0.9–3.0 126–426 50 RGH-03 8.5 3/8 16.5 6.50 0.9–3.0 42–142 0.9–3.0 126–426 60 RGH-04 12.7 1/2 20.0 7.87 0.9–2.4 42–114 0.9–2.4 126–342 60 RGH-05 16.0 5/8 23.0 9.06 0.9–2.4 42–114 0.9–2.4 126–342 90 RGH-06 19.0 3/4 27.0 10.63 0.9–2.4 42–114 0.9–2.4 126–342 110 RGH-07 25.0 1 34.0 13.39 0.9–2.4 42–114 0.9–2.4 126–342 130 RGH-08 32.0 1-1/4 42.5 16.73 0.9–2.4 42–114 0.9–2.4 126–342 230 RGH-09 38.0 1-1/2 48.5 19.10 0.9–2.4 42–114 0.9–2.4 126–342 270 RGH-10 58.0 2 62.0 24.41 0.9–2.4 42–114 0.9–2.4 126–342 400 Applications Purpose Irrigation. Washing. Flooring cleaning. Pesticide spraying. Places Garden. Park. Community center. Factories. Families. A black color rubber garden hose is placed on the backyard garden field. GH-06: Garden hose is used for garden vegetable irrigating.A worker is spraying pesticide onto trees with garden hose. GH-07: Garden hose is used for pesticide spraying. Several black color garden hoses are spreading along farmland and several seedlings in the farmland. GH-08: Garden hose for farmland irrigation.A green color PVC garden hose is placed on the grassland.

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