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Brand Name: liuzhu
Model Number: 06
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1, the power roller conveyor uses the motor as the power drive roller to complete the transportation, suitable for all kinds of boxes, packages, trays and other pieces of goods, bulk materials, small items or irregular items to be placed on the tray or in the revolving box transport. Power roller conveyor mainly consists of roller, leg, pull-up, drive device, speed control device, regulating foot and so on. 2. It is easy to connect and filter between the power roller conveyors. It is possible to use multiple roller lines and other conveying equipment or special machines to form a complex logistics conveying system to complete various technological needs. The accumulative roller can be used to realize the accumulation transportation of materials. 3, the power roller conveyor is suitable for the flat transportation of goods at the bottom, and can realize the characteristics of multi-species collinear shunt transport. It is the most widely used type of conveyor because it has the characteristics of large capacity, light transportation, convenient maintenance and so on. 4, rack optional material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc. 5, Roller material type: carbon steel zinc plating, carbon steel chromium plating, carbon steel coating adhesive, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, PVC,ABS, etc. 6, roller conveying mode: single-strand transport, double-chain transport, "O" belt transportation, and so on. (7) the technical parameters of the power roller conveyor include: 1) the length, width and height of the conveying object; 2) the weight of each conveying unit; 3) the bottom condition of the conveyer; 4) whether there are special working environment requirements (e.g. humidity, high temperature, chemical influence, etc.); (5) the transmission speed of conveyors; (6) other special custom requirements; In order to ensure smooth delivery of goods, at least three rollers must be in contact with the conveyor at any point in time. Pallets should be added if necessary for soft bag packaging.

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