20R 440w 470w cmy+cto moving head light

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Model Number: SY-MH440CMY
Type: Moving head
Color: RGBW

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"Power Supplies: 100/240V 50/60 Hz
Lamp: MSD Platinum 20R
Color Temperature: 7,800 K
Life: 1,500hrs
Electronic focusing for a perfectly sharp light beam along its entire length
Zoom ranging from 4° to 31° for fixed gobos sharp focusing
Zoom range from 6.7° to 50° for rotating gobos sharp focusing
BEAM mode with 2.5° aperture and “pipe” effect
Color :
CMY color system based on 3 gradually fading color wheels
14 color filters on three wheels
2 CTO filters (3,200K and 2,500K) + 1 CTB filter
2 gobo wheels:
- -wheel with 6 HQ dichroic, indexable and interchangeable rotating gobos
- -interchangeable and variable rotating wheel with 18+1 fixed metal gobos (including 6 beam reducers).
--Selectable Gobo-Shake function
Prism: 2 indexable and interchangeable rotating prisms (8-facet and linear prism)
Strobe: Mechanical sutter and adjustable speed strobe effect
Frost:: Frost unit to soften the beam edge
Dimmer: High precision 0-100% dimmer
Channel :30/34 DMX 512 control channels
Pan/tilt: 540°/244°16 bit resolution
N.W: 30kg "
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