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Four-position circular glue dispensing machine Hot Melt Glue Machine With Piston Pump Hot Melt Glue Machine Specifications single station four-station eight locations working station the th cycles to all repeatability ±0.02mm drive system Step motor + gear Working table turning diameter 220mm capacity 2 seconds / Programm method touch screen Program recording capacity 100 sets, each set of 4000point (support usb disk copy)? Maximum speed of rotation 1080 degrees/SEC ·Air demand requirements 0.4 0.6 Mpa pressure input power AC220V±10%;800W  work environment Temperature: 0 ~ 40 ?humidity: 20-90% boundary dimension 450*500*600mm Ontology is important(Kg) 24Kg Characteristics of the Four-position circular glue dispensing machine Convenient and practical operation 1. According to product size and glue fluidity, the glue discharge velocity and moving speed can be adjusted, rotation Angle can be adjusted, and the wire drawing rotation Angle can be prevented; 2. Easy to change up and down but accurate positioning; 3. The time can be adjusted according to the operation process to achieve the cycle work. Efficient, high quality and stable 1. Take bulb bulb glue as an example, the efficiency of a machine is two to three people, which not only improves the efficiency of the enterprise, but also reduces the cost. 2. Stable operation of the machine and uniform and stable glue production ensure the consistency of products, and improve the market competitiveness of enterprises and products. 3. Fully automatic quantitative positioning and back suction function: accurate glue extraction and accurate positioning; The process of ordering a good product to go to another product will not lead to the leakage of glue space, which not only saves the glue but also does not dirty the machine table. Strong universality: Not only all bulb lamps, spotlights, lamp cups and lamps can be used, but also all round products that need to be coated with glue. Suitable for industry: ball bubble lamp horn/motor/watch and other round products adhesion, packaging, coating, coating, etc. Suitable for glue: glass glue, silicone rubber, silicone rubber, red glue, yellow glue, silver, uv curing glue, lubricating oil, epoxy resin, silicone resin and other materials  

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