mud logging using CNPS-MHP Pressure Sensor

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1 Working principle
The CNPS-MHP type is a dry ceramic piezoresistive sensor imported from Germany using ceramic materials and refined by special techniques. Ceramic is a recognized material that is highly elastic, corrosion resistant, abrasion resistant, impact resistant and vibration resistant. The thermal stability of the ceramic and its thick film resistance can be as high as -40 ° C ~ +120 ° C, and it has high precision and high stability. The degree of electrical insulation is >2kv, the output signal is strong, and the long-term stability is good. There is a tendency to completely replace other types of sensors in European and American countries.
The output of the sensor adopts the 4-20 mA two-wire industrial standard. The outer casing is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and German Hirschmann joints. The protection grade can reach 1P65. In addition to oil fields, it is widely used in industrial control, mining, food processing, automobiles, Many industries such as electronics and medical care.
2 Technical indicators
Power supply voltage: 15~36VDC,
Signal output: 4-20mA,two-wire system
Linearity to hysteresis: ≤0.3%FS (25?)
Measurement range: 0-2.5bar
Stability: ±0.5% FSO/year
Operating temperature range: -40~+85?
Temperature effect: ≤±0.015%FS/?
Electrical line protection: polarity protection, over current protection

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