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2.1 What is gravimetric control system Meter weight is the product weight of per meter. The weight of the product can be calculated according to the size of the product and the density of the material. The constant weight per meter determines the quality of the product to a great extent. The Sea lion gravimetric control system is installed at the top of the feed port of the extruder. It can control the pipe meter weigh by adopting PID closed loop control. In any cases, any time can control engine speed, traction speed and feeding amount of pipe production line. 2.2 Why must equip Gravimetric Control System on the extrusion production line Pipe stage Without gravimetric control system Add Sea lion gravimetric control system Booting It only can be konwed the pipe thickness when a long pipe output in the booting process, and needs to be adjusted many times to meet the quality requirements, this will waste lots of material, time and labor. It can be control when booting, Instant stability, no waste pipe extrusion,save raw materials, labor and time. Production Depend on the experience and skills of the operator.unable to monitor the production process, leads to the uneven of weight per meter for pipe and unpredictable for pipe deviation. Gravimetric system control automaticly, prevent human error, monitor the pipe weight per meter, maintain the pipe weight per meter constantly.Alarm and handle immediately when deviation. Change material The weight per meter unable to know whe different material, this will cause large amount of waste pipe No matter how material change, the system will check and adjust automatictly Track after production Unable to track after warehousing Record and save for whole process, traceability 2.3 Application Plastic pipes, films, cables and etc. produce process and quality control 2.4 Why select sea lion gravimetic control system The first consideration for buyers is the cost performance, high cost performance is the most suitable products in any cases. The reson to choose Sea Lion Gravimetric is: ? Professional and concentration We have been working hard from the first gravimetric control system was borned ? Excellent team We are always pround of to provide the best products and services for you from R & D, sales to after sales ? Provide the best products Every product is inspected strictly. We have considered all the details over and over again. ? Technical assurance Powerful R & D center and cooperative organization. we are familiar with the performance and control process of each product by heart 2.5 System workflow The Gravimetric control system contains a intelligent scale, The function of the scale is that the small hopper opens and closes the valve continuously to cycle control the material. Make sure that each batch of material is free falling and keep the same pressure.The action of opening and closing valves are controlled by microcomputer which is based on the following procedures strictly; 1st step: The material is filling to the hopper and the valve will be closed when reach to 90%, 2nd step: The material in the hopper will fall down and feed to the main screw. 3rd step: When the material is lower to 20%, the valve will be opened, reload material and proceed to next cycle. 2.6 Gravimetric control system technical structure 2.7 System installation 2.8 Gravimetric Technical parameter Power: Temperature: Max humidity: Capacity: Sensor range: Input sensitivity: Input range: A/D accuracy: D/A accuracy: Conversion mode: A/D switching rate: Nonlinear: Gain drift: Max accuracy: Control mode: Control accuracy: Hopper capacity: Hight? WeightL: AC220V -10~50? 90%R.H non condensation 10W 0.5uV/d 0.2~25mV 24bit 12bit Sigma-Delta 4000/Sec 0.01%F.S 10PPM/? 1/10000 Host or traction control 0.4/100 7L,22L,48L,52L 1000mm 60KG 2.9 Model 2.9.1 Single screw gravimetric control system Model Pipe Size Output MIXSCAN7 <=250 250Kg/h MIXSCAN22 315 350Kg/h MIXSCAN48 630 500Kg/h MIXSCAN52 >=800 >=1000Kg/h 2.9.2 Double screw gravimetric control system Model Pipe Size Output MIXSCAN7-T2 DN75-DN75 500Kg/h MIXSCAN22-T2 DN90-DN90 700Kg/h MIXSCAN48-T2 DN120-DN75 900Kg/h MIXSCAN52-T2 DN120-DN90 1000Kg/h 2.9.3 Triple screw gravimetric control system Model Pipe Size Output MIXSCAN7-T3 DN75-DN75-DN75 750Kg/h MIXSCAN22-T3 DN90-DN90-DN90 1050Kg/h MIXSCAN48-T3 DN120-DN75-DN75 1150Kg/h MIXSCAN52-T3 DN120-DN90-DN90 1350Kg/h

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