Marine Equipments And Tools With Yokohama Rubber Fender

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Brand Name: Florescence
Model Number: FL-SJY2000
Place of Origin: Shandong province, China
MOQ: 1
Type: fender
Color: Black
Material: Natural Rubber
Certificate: ISO,BV,CCS,etc
Width: from 0.3-4.5m
Legth: from 0.6-12m
Usage: ship to ship,ship to berthing,ship to dock
Packaging: As customer's requests

Product Detail

Marine equipments and tools with yokohama rubber fender Marine rubber fenders have been in use for around 50 years.It is the leading anti-collision device for marine application in the world. The compresswd air filled rubber fender is used as a protective medium for ship-to-ship, ship to quay and ship-to -berthing. Marine rubber fenders can bedelivered in various sizes and types. Chain and tyre net(CTN) type is usually recommened to protect the fender body, but sling type or body only is also available. Marine equipments and tools with yokohama rubber fender Florescence brand Pneumatic Rubber Fender are exported to many countries like Vietnam, America, Denmark, Finland, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, France and more. High product quality and reasonable costing drives their adoption in the global market and are increasingly preferred as the most popular replacement to Yokohama fenders. Marine rubber fender advantages 1.Our marine rubber fender as a protective medium is suitbale for ship to ship contact, ship to dock and ship to berthing. 2.It is light weight,portable and floatable, can be installed, replaced easily and reused 6-8years without misuse. 3.We have provided pneumatic fenders to marine service and offshore service for varieties ships. 4.Low reaction force and high energy absorption fenders with CCS,BV,ISO certificate. 5.We have 2.0x3.5m and 1.5x3.0m pneumatic fenders in stock. Marine equipments and tools with yokohama rubber fender 1.Net-type fender: fenders which are covered by a tire chain net, each end shall be linked together with one to two ring(s). 2.Sling-type fender: fenders which are designed to be used without a protection net. Operation Logistic supply operation and / or marine salvage of naval fleet; For large tankers,normally 4-6 sets of pneumatic rubber fenders are hanged at the water line of the shipside. A hanging example of fenders is shown in the figure right.When 4 fenders are used,2 sets are placed at the front and 2 sets at the rear,they are all large scale fenders.In case 6 fenders are hanged on the shipside,1 small fender will be placed at ship bow and another small fender at ship stern. When fenders are not used,they should be craned to the deck and placed on the anti-rolling seats. In recent years,there is a new upsurge of wharf and port building.Because of the super large ships,the berthing collision energy is multiplied.Due to the low energy absorption and large reaction force of previous rubber fenders at the wharfs, The ship side and docks usually may be damaged.The low compression reaction force property of pneumatic rubber fender conforms to the dock construction light-weighting trend and protects the ship side from damage as well.Therefore,Florescence Pneumatic rubber fenders are widely used in large-scale docks,wharves and offshore platforms. Marine rubber fender use matters needing attention 1 Pneumatic pressure control inĀ±5% of the rated pressure 2 Test pressure normally, add pressure in a timely manner 3 Avoid contact with sharp objects 4 When Long time not need, should wash to dry, filled with right amount of compressed air, placed in a cool dryventilated place. 5 Storage place away from heat, acid and alkali, oil and grease 6 when store, shall not be folded and piled up The purpose of marine rubber fender 1 Ship to ship berthing Accompanied by a large ship, the risk of two ship berthing at sea is also increased, especially when the weather changes with wind and waves. Adopting pneumatic fender as the buffer can not only makes heavy berthing easy, but also improves the efficiency of the transportation operations. Pneumatic fender is mainly used for Ice in the Antarctic ocean fishing ships and large oil tanker berthing. 2 Used for terminal dock protection Because of the large size of the ship, the berthing impact energy has multiplied.Inflatable rubber fender are widely used because of its high energy absorption and low reaction force features. If you have any questions or need any help, pls contact me freely, we will reply you within 24 hours. Name : Claire Su E-mail: info75 at Whatsapp / Wecha/ Skype: +86 182 0532 1973

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