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XENONS X3A is a upgraded high-precision high-speed piezoelectric printer. Using a special formula aluminum magnesium alloy printing platform, greater strength, high precision table, durable, can be perfectly restored 2880dip print accuracy. The nozzles’ color order can be adjusted by the software, to meet the spot color output or to meet the quality defects caused by the aging of the nozzles, thereby prolonging the actual life of the nozzles. Body parts are manufactured using imported equipment, and are equipped with professional mold parts manufacturing process to ensure the entire Better consistency and higher stability of machines and accessories.\r\n\r\nXENONS has a high-precision servo motor control system to achieve higher print accuracy and faster print speeds;\r\nUsing yilijet\'s high-speed USB3.0 control system, the speed is up to 480M/S, which can stably support multi-head printing at full speed;\r\nWith more than 6 variable drop printing technology, up to 2880dip;\r\nThe combination of advanced ink drop control and high fault-tolerance feathering technology ensures a more perfect output quality and can accommodate more special material printouts;\r\nSingle or dual head configuration for more demanding print accuracy and faster print speeds;\r\nUsing VSDT variable ink drop technology, the smallest droplet 3.5PL, the largest 27PL, reflecting the perfect print quality;\r\nSupports RIP software such as Wasatch, photoprint, maintop;\r\nUsing yilijet classic control system, after years of practice, stable performance, in line with military-grade standards;\r\nThe simple cartridge type ink supply system is stable and convenient, supports the external continuous large capacity bulk ink supply system, and can maintain the ink infrequently for a longer time;\r\nConvenient and flexible printing and drying system, regardless of the use of water-based ink or eco solvent ink, according to the ambient temperature and material conditions can be adjusted at any time heating temperature, and can achieve heating angle adjustment;\r\nThe new multi-point contact method adopts the entire 20mm diameter feed roller, combined with high-precision mold manufacturing, which fully guarantees the accuracy and stability of paper feeding.\r\n\r\nPrint head: 2*Epson DX5\r\nPrint speed: 48sqm/h\r\nRIP: Maintop/photoprint etc.\r\nPrint width: 1880mm in one roll, 914mm in two rolls\r\nMotor: 400W Leadshine\r\nInk supply: 1.5L\r\nColor: CMYK\r\nDimension: 3260*930*1800mm\r\n

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