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Brand Name: MKT
Place of Origin: China
MOQ: 1pcs

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Multilayer HDI PCB Manufacturer Flexible-Rigid PCB Layer Count/Technology 4-20 layers 4-20layers PCB Thickness Range 0.5-2.4MM 0.4-2.4MM Build Up Technology 1-N-1 / 2-N-2 / 3-N-3 / 4-N-4 1-N-1 / 2-N-2 / 3-N-3 / 4-N-4 / 5-N-5 / 6-N-6 / 7-N-7 Min.Laser Drill Diameter 110μm 75μm Laser Techlology CO2 Direct Drilling?UV/CO2) CO2 Direct Drilling?UV/CO2) Materials FR4/FR4 Halogen Reduced FR4 / Taconic / Rogers / Others on request Class Transition Temperature 140? / 150? / 170? 140? / 150? / 170? / 200? Standard Glass Cloth 1027/106 / 1080/2116 / 1501/7628 1037/106 / 1080/2116 / 1501/7628 / 1027/ Copper Thickness 12μm/18μm/35μm/70μm 9μm/12μm/18μm/35μm/70μm/105μm Copper Plating Holes 20μm?25μm? 13μm / 20μm / 25μm Min. Line/ Spacing 60μm / 60μm 40μm / 40μm Soldermask Registration 70μm 60μm Min. Soldermask Dam +/-38μmPhoto-imageable? +/- 25μm?Photo-imageable? Soldermask Color Green / White / Black / Red / Blue Green /White / Black / Red / Blue Max. PCB Size 575mm × 500mm 575mm × 500mm Production Panel 609.6mm × 530mm 609.6mm × 530mm Min. Annular Ring 125μm 100μm Smallest Drill 0.28mm 0.15mm Smallest Routing Bit 0.8mm 0.8mm Surfaces OSP/Immersion Tin OSP/Immersion Tin Immersion NI/AU Immersion NI/AU Plated Ni/AU Plated Ni/AU immersion AG immersion AG Scoring Yes Yes ID Print White White We have over 15 years experience in produce PCB services and have reliable of raw material suppliers. We can find out the best source to consistently reduce your cost. Any inquiry please contact with us by

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301 - 500 People
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US$5 Million - US$10 Million
Automotive, Circuit Board, Electronic, Keyboard, Supplier

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MKT Electronic Co.,Limited

Ms. Linda liu

Longwangmiao 88 Industrial Park, Block B, 2nd Floor,Fuyong Town, Bao'an District

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