TIANCHI Veterinary Ultrasound Machine Best Selling Cow Ultrasound TC-210 Price I

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Gray scales: 256 levels
Display modes: B,B+B,B+M,M,4B
Model Number: TC-210
Brand Name: TianChi
MOQ: 1
Place of Origin: China
Probe: 3.5MHz Mechanical sector

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TIANCHI Veterinary Ultrasound Machine Best Selling Cow Ultrasound TC-210 Price In Finland Veterinary ultrasound machine is a kind of ultrasonic imaging method,which uses B ultrasound probe to transmit ultrasonic waves,at the same time receiving the ultrasonic that reflected by various tissues and displayed on a specific display to form an image.The animal b ultrasound producted by Tianchi has obvious imaging,and there is no excessive clutter interference,people can use it without special operation training,it is convenient and accurate. Company:Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co.,Ltd. Tel:+86-371-56788280 +86-18903712477 Fax:+86-371-65715725 E-mail:tianchi-demi@ln2container.com Website:https://www.aliexpress.com/store/2169022 Twitter:TC18903712477 Facebook:18903712477 what's app:tianchiydg QQ:648486900 TC-210 Model:TC-210 Probe:3.5MHz Mechanical sector Displayed Depth (mm):60—190 Maximal detect depth(mm):≥140 Blind area(mm)≤8 Monitor size(inch):5.6 TFT-LCD Display modes:B,B+B,B+M,M Gray scales:256 levels Image multiplying factor:*1.0,*1.2,*1.5,*2.0 Image storage:128-frame Measuring functions:Distance,circumference,area,heart rate,gestation age Battery capacity:2200mAh Mainframe power:13W at n101on-charging operation/25W at charging operation Adapter power consumption:45W Character display:case history number,age Faked color display:Gray,red,yellow,blue General security information Safety of the operator and patients and reliability of the device are taken into consideration during designing and producing, the following safety precautions must be implemented: 1. The device shall be operated by qualified operating staff or under their instructions. 2. Do not open the device and change the parameters without permission. If necessary, please turn to authorized agents for service. 3. The device has already been regulated into its optimal performance. Do not adjust any preset control or switchunless operate as instructions in the manual. 4. If the device works failure, please shut down the device at once and contact our authorized agents. 5. If there is a need to connect the device with other company's electronic or mechanical devices, please contactus before connection. 6. Environmental requirements on normal operation: 1) Environment temperature range: +10??+40? 2) Relative humidity range: 30%?75% 3) Atmosphere pressure range: 70KPa?106KPa Environment requirements on device storage: 1) Environment temperature range: - 20?? +55? 2) Relative humidity range: 10?? 100? 3) Atmosphere pressure range: 50KPa? 106KPa 7. Do not hit the fragile TFT-LCD display. If it cracks, deal with it carefully in case the liquid crystal gets into eyes or mouths. 8. Forbid hit the inner rechargeable lithium battery nor throw it into fire in case it trigger an explosion; Do not short circuit battery output, or the battery might be damaged. Please use the original binding charger to charge the battery. Used battery will cause environment pollution, please handle the battery correctly for callback processing. 9. Forbid disassemble the power supply adapter. If malfunction happens, please handle by the professional; the charging output can only be used for charging the battery of the device, any improper use on other battery may cause explosion, fire and other unexpected hazards. 10. The short of the output of the adapter is forbidden, long time short circuit will result in adapter damage. 11. Please use standard power cord as the input line of the network power supply for the adapter to reduce risk. 12.We shall not take any responsibility for any risk resulted by propelled unauthorized re-fitment by the users. 13. Disconnect the device from the power supply network by unplug the adapter from the power supply network. 14. Ultrasound might cause hazard to human body, long time radiation should be avoided. Please refer to appendix A for sound output parameter. Henan tianchi is a professional manufacturer of B ultrasound machines.We developed full digital doppler ultrasound diagnosis system independently.The company has completely independent intellectual property rights, unparalleled ultrasound imaging technology.In addition, we also provide free warranty for two years (except for man-made faults), and provide life-long maintenance services.

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