TIANCHI Vet Ultrasound TC-210 Manufacturer In Guinea

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Brand Name: TIANCHI
Model Number: TC-210
Place of Origin: China
MOQ: 1 piece
Packaging: carton

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TIANCHI Vet Ultrasound TC-210 Manufacturer In Guinea Vet ultrasound is a kind of ultrasonic imaging method,which uses B ultrasound probe to transmit ultrasonic waves,at the same time receiving the ultrasonic that reflected by various tissues and displayed on a specific display to form an image.The animal b ultrasound producted by Tianchi has obvious imaging,and there is no excessive clutter interference,people can use it without special operation training,it is convenient and accurate. Company:Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co.,Ltd. Tel:+86-371-56788280 +86-18903712477 Fax:+86-371-65715725 E-mail:tianchi-demi@ln2container.com Website:www.ln2container.com Twitter:TC18903712477 Facebook:18903712477 what's app:tianchiydg QQ:648486900 Maintenance 1)Main unit maintenance (1)Instrumentation environment should be according to "2.1 operation environmental requirements". (2)If device enclosure needs cleaning, shutdown the device first and then wipe with alcohol sponges. (3)Device should not be turn on and off frequently. (4)When the device does not work for a long time,pack the device according to the instructions on the packing.Store it properly in the warehouse.The storage environment should accord to transportation and storage environmental requirements. 2)Probe maintenance (1)Probe is an expensive part but frangible.Never hit it or drop it on floor.Please use medical ultrasound Gel during diagnoses.Do daily inspection on the probe enclosure to see whether it is cracked and to protect it from the water inrush. (2)Check the probe regularly to see whether it is filled with clean medical castor oil,air in it will influence the image quality.If air bubbles appear,turn the probe oil filler hole up and screw off the sealing screw,turn the probe slowly to drive the air bubbles to the screw hole,infuse a little bit of castor oil into the screw hole with syringe with a needle,vent the air bubbles and fasten the sealing screw and finally clean the oil stain on the probe surface. Problem Shooting Simple malfunction can be solved refer to the list below.If not,contact us. Phenomenon  1)Adapter indicator light off Trouble shooting: 1.Check supply; 2.Check adapter wire and AC outlet. 2)Main indicator light off Trouble shooting:Check main power cord and AC outlet. 3)Screen appears distortion like stria or snow interference Trouble shooting: 1.Check adapter supply 2.Check circumstance,space electromagnet interference 3.Check probe outlet 4)Image illegible Trouble shooting: 1.Adjust overall gain 2.Adjust brightness and contrast Tianchi vet ultrasound using color beautification interface,to avoid the visual fatigue and eye discomfort of operator caused by long-term watching fixed and rigid images.It is suitable for the diagnosis of pigs,horses,cattle,sheep,cats,dogs and other animals.Veterinary B ultrasound was producted by Tianchi,customers can set up their own personalized color boot interface according to their own preferences,and can also download some of their favorite pictures,photos installed on the machine as screen saver pictures.Take a look at the beauty in your spare time and adjust your eyes. TIANCHI Vet Ultrasound TC-210 Manufacturer In Guinea

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