TIANCHI Ultrasound Diagnostics Of Animals High-tech Cow Ultrasound TC-302 Price

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Brand Name: TianChi
Model Number: TC-302
Place of Origin: China
MOQ: 1
Probe: Waterproof Probe
Measuring distance: 4-35mm
Resolution: 1mm

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TIANCHI Ultrasound Diagnostics Of Animals High-tech Cow Ultrasound TC-302 Price In Philippines

TIANCHI ultrasound diagnostics uses the techniques of computer control and digital scanning converter(DSC), digital beam synthesis(DBF), real-time dynamic aperture imaging(RDA), real-time dynamic sound velocity change track(DRA), real-time point-cutting dynamic receiving focusing (DRF)and so on. The whole machine image is clear, stable and has high resolution.The Veterinary B Ultrasound produced by Tianchi has four kinds of display modes:B,B+B,B+M,M,using 5.6-inch TFT-LCD display and programmable device and surface installation technology. The whole machine is smalland light.

Company:Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co.,Ltd.
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Probe:Waterproof Probe
Measuring distance:4-35mm
Back fat layer:3 layer
Power Dissipation:0.05W

How to choose veterinary B ultrasound machine
1. Parameter selection
The parameters of veterinary B-ultrasound: Generally, there are two kinds of measurement on the market. The depth is 140mm. It is suitable for measuring small animals such as pigs, sheep and dogs. It is used for pregnancy detection. The other measurement depth is 192mm. Animals that are slightly larger, when they are measured, they feel that they are coming out in the light of the photo. When measuring the cow, it is necessary to measure the rectum. It is impossible to measure it outside the skin.
2. Color ultrasound is not necessarily good
Color ultrasound and black and white, pseudo color, the average user will think that color ultrasound is relatively high-end, in reality, this is true, but the price of color ultrasound is 2-3 times higher than black and white is very common, in fact, black and white and color ultrasound according to their own purposes Choice, if you do scientific research, then choose color ultrasound, if it is only a farm, or a veterinary pet hospital, it is recommended to use black and white, cost-effective.
3. Probe selection
The B-ultrasound probes currently on the market are all 3.5HZ, mechanical convex fan-sweeping probes. The higher the frequency of the probe, the clearer the image is, but there is also a drawback that the higher the frequency, the more the depth of measurement is. It is chosen according to the needs of the customer's wetlands.
4. Function selection
There are quite a few users who choose B timeout, there will be such a wrong view, the more features the more veterinary B-mode performance is better, in fact, this view is completely wrong, the most important choice for the selection of veterinary B-ultrasound is to consider .

Henan Tianchi is a manufacturer which specialized in the production of animal B ultrasound, our product host machine warranty for one year,the probes warranty for two years, battery warranty for six months.We create user profiles for each customer and enjoy lifelong technical services.

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