TIANCHI Pregnancy Test Device In Animal Portable Cow Ultrasound TC-301 Price In

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Brand Name: TianChi
Model Number: TC-301
Place of Origin: China
MOQ: 1
Probe: 7.5MHz Linear Probe/6.5MHz Linear Rectal Probe/3.5MHz Convex Prob
Display modes: B,B+B,B+M,M,4B
Gray scales: 256 levels

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TIANCHI Pregnancy Test Device In Animal Portable Cow Ultrasound TC-301 Price In Singapore Tianchi pregnancy test device using color beautification interface, to avoid the visual fatigue and eye discomfort of operator caused by long-term watching fixed and rigid images.It is suitable for the diagnosis of pigs, horses, cattle, sheep, cats, dogs and other animals.Veterinary B ultrasound was producted by Tianchi,customers can set up their own personalized color boot interface according to their own preferences,and can also download some of their favorite pictures, photos installed on the machine as screen saver pictures.Take a look at the beauty in your spare time and adjust your eyes. Model:TC-301 Probe:7.5MHz Linear Probe/6.5MHz Linear Rectal Probe/3.5MHz Convex Probe/5.0MHzMicro-convex Probe veterinary autoclave :6.4 inch TFT-LCD Display modes:B,B+B,B+M,M,4B Gray scales:256 Image permanent storage:Image permanent storage Gain range:0-192dB(adjust range 64-192dB) Cine-loop:≥400 frames Scanning depth:70mm-240mm Image conversion:up/down,left/right Body marks:16 Image process:Faked color,gray calibration,image smooth and histogram. Frequency adjustment:3 Frame correlation adjust:Support Measuring functions:Distance,circumference,area,volume,EF rate Comment:date&time,name,PID,sex,age,doctor,Pasture,annotation Output report:Support Port:USB2.0;Video Time to empty:>3 hours Size:Length(230mm)*Width(153mm)*Depth(46mm) Weight:700g Power:45W This type B ultra-diagnostic instrument (hereinafter referred to as B-ultrasound) abandons the traditional development ideas, designs a streamlined digital circuit, combines advanced digital technology and large-scale integrated circuits, so that the system is refined, superior in performance, powerful in function, stable in stability, and cost-effective. Using dynamic continuous variable aperture, point-by-point dynamic focus, wide dynamic band low noise preamplifier, logarithmic compression, TGC control, dynamic filtering, edge enhancement, frame correlation, 256 grayscale image display, etc., the whole machine image is clear, High resolution. B-Super is equipped with a probe that supports a variety of probes such as convex array, linear array, and micro convex. The buttons and menus are arranged reasonably, and can support USB interface mouse operation, the human-machine interface is friendly, and the user is convenient to operate. The color interface and the pseudo-color of the ultrasonic zone can better meet the visual requirements of the user. In the application of ultrasonic instruments such as veterinary B-ultrasound, ultrasound exerts a series of physiological effects on the animal's body, which are mainly cavitation effect, mechanical effect, thermal effect, thixotropic effect and dispersion effect. In ultrasound therapy, one or several unique effects of ultrasound on biological tissue are often utilized. First, the mechanical effect, when the sound intensity is low, the biological tissue produces elastic vibration under the action of ultrasound, and its amplitude is proportional to the square root of the sound intensity. When the sound intensity is high, the bonding force between the tissues is destroyed and fragmentation occurs. Such as the cutting of soft tissue. Second, the thermal effect, due to the absorption characteristics of the biological tissue on the ultrasonic wave, causes part of the ultrasonic energy to be converted into thermal energy, causing the temperature of the tissue to rise, and the temperature of the high-intensity focusing rises to more than 100 degrees Celsius. High-intensity ultrasound focusing therapy technology focuses on the intense thermal effects of high-intensity ultrasound after being absorbed by the target tissue and increasing in temperature in a short period of time. Fourth, thixotropic effect: When the ultrasonic wave emitted by ultrasonic instruments such as veterinary B-ultrasound can also cause changes in the physical or chemical properties of biological tissues, such as reducing blood viscosity, causing plasma thinning, blood cell sedimentation and the like. Fifth, the dispersion effect: Ultrasonic can improve the permeation of the semi-permeable membrane, making the drug molecules more easily enter the bacteria. The application of ultrasound in animal medicine is mainly in the aspects of diagnostic ultrasound and therapeutic ultrasound. Diagnostic ultrasound is mainly used to diagnose diseases, such as veterinary B-ultrasound imaging, veterinary B-ultrasound Doppler blood analysis. Therapeutic ultrasound is mainly used for the treatment of diseases such as ultrasound drug therapy, physiotherapy, extracorporeal lithotripsy, surgery and cancer treatment. Henan Tianchi is a manufacturer which specialized in the production of animal B ultrasound,our company provides free quality assurance for two years(except for man-made fault),life-long maintenance services,we also guarantee to respond to any customer's request for service within one working day.

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