TIANCHI Pregnancy Detectors TC-302 Manufacturer In Zimbabwe

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Brand Name: TIANCHI
Model Number: TC-302
Place of Origin: China
MOQ: 1 piece
Weight: 320g
Packaging: carton

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TIANCHI Pregnancy Detectors TC-302 Manufacturer In Zimbabwe Tianchi pregnancy detectors using color beautification interface,to avoid the visual fatigue and eye discomfort of operator caused by long-term watching fixed and rigid images.It is suitable for the diagnosis of pigs,horses,cattle,sheep,cats,dogs and other animals.Veterinary B ultrasound was producted by Tianchi,customers can set up their own personalized color boot interface according to their own preferences,and can also download some of their favorite pictures,photos installed on the machine as screen saver pictures.Take a look at the beauty in your spare time and adjust your eyes. Company:Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co.,Ltd. Tel:+86-371-56788280 +86-18903712477 Fax:+86-371-65715725 E-mail:tianchi-demi@ln2container.com Website:www.ln2container.com Twitter:TC18903712477 Facebook:18903712477 what's app:tianchiydg QQ:648486900 Model:TC-302 Probe:Waterproof Probe Measuring distance:4-35mm Resolution:1mm Precision:±1mm Back fat layer:3 layer Size:180mm*73mm*30mm Weight:320g Power Dissipation:0.05W Cleaning 1.When the enclosure needs cleaning,wipe it with soft dry cloths and then wipe gently with sponge dipped with 75% medical alcohol . 1)Warning: To prevent accidents,take out the battery when cleaning the main unit enclosure and separate the device from the power supply network first and then clean the adapter enclose. Prevent all the plugs,sockets from water splash or socking. 2)Warning: Do not use extender,ethylene oxide or any other organic solvent which will deface the probe's protective foil. Keep the device and probe from any types of liquid infiltration. Do not clean the device or probe by air or heating. Caution: 1)Please refer to instructions prescribed by the manufacturer closely when using detergents. 2)Be careful with cleaning of the display.Please wipe it with dry soft cloth because it is very easy to scratch and spoil. 3)Please do not clean the inner base of the device. 4)Please do not place the device in liquid. 5)Do not leave any detergent on the device surface. 6)Though there will be no chemical reaction between the device enclosure and most of those detergents,we still suggest no detergent in cleaning in case the device surface be spoiled. Warranty We assumes the responsibility for device security,reliability and performance only under the preconditions that the disassembly,assembly and maintenance of the device are all performed by its assigned professionals and the device is used strictly in compliance with the operation manual. We provides warranty to the original purchasers that this product will be free from defects in material,components and workmanship for a period of 1.5 years from the date of purchase (invoice date).If the product(s) is(are) defective,the purchaser may return this unit(s) to us for repair or replacement with a new one.The liability of us under this limited product warranty does not extend to any misuse or abuse.Any evidence of tampering will nullify the warranty. This warranty is only available for failures occurred when the device is operated in compliance with the operation manual.And the guaranteed device can only be used in the prescribed range given in manual. This guarantee excludes losses or damages caused by external reasons such as thunder struck,earthquake,theft,unsuitable use or abuse and refitting the device. We shall not be responsible for losses,damages or injuries caused by delayed service requests. When there are problems with the products,please contact us.Tell the device model,serial number,date of purchase and the problem. Tianchi pregnancy detectors uses the light touch key,it is easy to operate,convenient to carry and with high accuracy,displaying by super large screen.It is suitable for the diagnosis of pigs,horses,cattle,sheep,cats,dogs and other animals.The B ultrasound produced by Tianchi can realize real-time,freeze,store,callout,flip up and down,flip left and right and large-capacity movie playback of the image.It has the functions of multi-level scanning depth,dynamic range,frame correlation coefficient adjustment and focus number,and focal position adjustment. TIANCHI Pregnancy Detectors TC-302 Manufacturer In Zimbabwe

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