ABB DSBC172N Board Card

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Brand Name: ABB
Model Number: DSBC172N
MOQ: 1
Type: auomatical spare parts

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Fujian Hongfeida Automation Technology Co., Ltd 8th floor of SOHO B Building, Zheng Rong Fortune Center, Wu Long Avenue high-tech district, Fu Zhou city Fu Jian province China. Tel:86-18250715796 e-mail: website: The advantages of Hongfeida supply large DCS system modules, imported industrial robot spare parts, servo motor drives, inverters, sensors, flow meters, thermostats and other products. We have a comprehensive price advantage, stable and reliable product quality and meticulous after-sales service to provide customers with industrial automation products. Best-selling brands include: US Honeywell Honeywell: TDC2000, TDC3000 ESD, S9000 series boards! The United States AB system for example: 1771, 1746, 1756, 1785, etc. PLC module! American Fox Polo FOXBORO: TRICONEX system, CUP, I/A, I/O series board! Siemens SIEMENS: S5, S7, TI, etc. Discontinue production of DCS system PLC boards! Germany REXROTH Rexroth servo drive, servo motor and all kinds of control board! Swedish ABB robots DSQC, 3HAC all spare parts. 460, S500, S800, MOD full range of boards! Germany E+H flow meter, GE Fanuc servo drive power module and board! 3HAB8101-18/09A; ABB's Robot Battery 3HAC16831-1 10.8V 17AH Technical Standard: S0-1201-R Sealing ring 4C3433 ABB Battery 3HAC16831-1 ABB Check valve 3HNA000758-001 ABB Touch screen 6AV2123-2MB03-0AX0 Siemens frequency conversion cabinet transformer 6SL3352-7AE38-4AA0 ABB Isolation Amplifier PXUB201 3HEA802409-014 RMK12.2-IBS-BKL RMG12.2-NN RME12.2-32-DC024 RMA12.2-32-DC024-050 DKC02.3-040-7-FW Fan 3HAC026525-001 Ic693acc302b 3HSD-0000030008 3HNA012371-001 3HAC14178-1 MDX61B0900-503-4-00+DFP21B+DEH11B MC07B0550-503-4-00+FSC11B C300 Controller Firewall CC-PCF901 C300 Firewall Backplane CC-TCF901 C300 Controller Backplane CC-TCNT01 Digital Output Module Backplane 24VCC-TDOB01 LLMUX input module CC-PAIM01 LLMUX input module backplane CC-TAIM01 RTD Wiring Board MC-TAMR04 TC wiring board MC-TAMT04 Tension controller model: PFEA111-65,100-240V,50/60HZ,110-250mA Power Module 51199929-100 HONEYWELL ABB power supply SD821 is discontinued, replaced with SD831 UCN Interface Module 51402573-150 REV.C 2 Honeywell Thermocouple Terminal Edition 51309223-175 Filter NFD03.1-480-016 Rexroth Filter HNF01.1A-F240-E0051-A-480-NNNN 6410-001-N-N-N RDCU-12C ABB Key Switch 3HAC3116-1 3HAC023170-001 AB module: 1756-M02AS 3HAB3772-97 3 3HAC026114-005 Amplifier VT-HNC100-2-20/W-16-P-0 MC07B0040-5A3-4-00 M350 power supply module, Model: 0608750110, Brand: Bosch 1756-L73S 2711P-T12C4D8 1756-EN2T IC693ACC302B TT85N20KOF EUPEC PFTL101A special cable 30 meters with connector 3HAB2241-1 Model: PFEA111-65,100-240V,50/60HZ,110-250mA Model: PFEA111-65,100-240V,50/60HZ,110-250mA Communication cable \3HAC7998-2 ABB DSQC346B 3HAB8101-6/09B ABB DSQC346B 3HAB8101-6/09B SEW servo driver MDX61B0110-5A3-4-0T 8279810 SEW servo encoder communication card DEH11B 8243107 3HAC052287-002 3HAC052287-002 ABB SMB board 3HAC021905-001/05 ABB robot hand ball 3HAC5176-1 ABB mechanical hand bearing ring 3HAC028087-001 Ais8/4000 A06B-0235-B605C 143X9032/Fanaco 1771-P7 Power Switch MCS40-3*400-500/24 1 INPUT 3W+PE, Y 400-500V, 50/60HZ 0.17A OUTPUT 24VDC 40A 3HAC021905-001/05 21930 3HAC5176-1 3HAC028087-001 Optical fiber FR-7856-04Y Fiber Connector 4N5252 Air Motor 2C10008 ABB Robot 1756-TBCH/A 10pcs 1756-IB16D 5pc Module IC200PWR101E A-B 1746-IB8 1756-BA2 Schneider / Modicon 140DII33000 CPU 416-2, DP 6ES7 416-2XN05-0AB0 3HAB8101-18 6ES7151-1BA01-0AB0 83SR04 TSXDEY16A5 Schneider ABB card piece WE-DC-06-161-A AB Servo Motor TL-A230P-BJ32AA YPHT31261-2G R8 1746-OX8 1746-IB16 1746-IB8 1746-NO4I 1746-NI8 IC695PSA040 IC695PSD140 IC695CPU320-EH RX3i 1Ghz IC694MDL660 IC695ALG616 IC694MDL754 IC695ALG708 IC695NIU001 RX3i R911281505,MHD041B-144-NP1-UN Tightening the shaft motor EC304 MNR:0608701018 BOSCH Rexroth Module HCS02.1E-W0028-A-03-NNNN 1 REXROTH module HSZ01.1-D08-D04-NNNN 1 REXROTH 3HAC046686-002 1762-L40BWA SGMCS-04C3C11 3HNA024966-001 3HNA016162-001 3HNA024855-001 3HAC050363-001 3HNA023282-001 3HNA024203-001

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