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This series of UPS power supply adopts the MOTOROLA 16 digit data bus microprocessor with powerful computing capability which ensures high speed, accuracy in detection, control over activity points of the UPS power supply, and ultimately high reliability of the product. It uses a unique AC-DC switching circuit to detect the output current and voltage of the alternating circuit. A high-frequency-pulse-width modulator is implemented which forces the phase of current conform to the voltage phase, achieving a high input power factor above 95%. Under normal circumstances, alternating current goes first through the AC-DC switching circuit to achieve DC BUS direct voltage, then it is converted back to an alternating voltage of 220v by the inverter. By going through these two process, the output voltage is ensured to have stable frequency, voltage, as well as clear sinusoidal phase shape. The inverter uses high-quality IGBT as its power regulating unit. IGBT’s high-frequency-switching characteristic optimizes the functioning frequency of UPS inverter to tens of thousands of HZ, which directly leads to higher inverting efficiency and the overall performance of the UPS power supply. Another advantage that high-inverting frequency brings is reduction of noise level. HBG series of UPS-power supplies can be placed directly in computer rooms without creating any distraction. Hongbao’s online, high-frequency HBG series of UPS power supplies is affiliated by a communication interface RS232 together with Hongbao’s power-supply-monitoring software, which enables the interaction between UPS power supplier and network servers. This means reading status of electricity can be monitored at any time in distance, accessing intelligent functions like: self-examination at regular time intervals, auto-saving data into desired destinations, automatic power on/off at fixed time, recording the status of the electricity and so on. When the alternating current breaks off, UPS power supply will timely inform the server to be ready for powering off and save all the data into the disk, then execute the normal power off order. This secures the safety of the data in the network system even under the network environment of unmanned operation.

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