Series PO-H Portable High Precision Oil Purifier (Equipped With Heaters)

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Brand Name: FuooTech
Place of Origin: China
MOQ: 1
Type: PO-H Portable High Precision
Color: Green
Certificate: CE, ISO, WSF

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Series PO-H Portable High Precision Oil Purifier (equipped with heaters) which mainly deal with unqualified insulating oil, turbine oil, lubricating oil etc., it consists with motor-driven special gear pump and multi-stage filters for filtering dirty oils by removing various sizes of particles & impurities. Small and flexible size, easy to operate and requires no filter paper and causes no contamination to the ground. It has a wider application than ordinary filter press and has a long lifetime, being a new substitute for frame filter press. Portable Oil Filter Machine is developed based on Series PO. As per some client’s requirements of heating the oil (especially high viscosity oils), we install the heaters for this machine to solve this mater. After heating, the oil can flow into the machine more quickly and smoothly. Oil suction point is equipped with a coarse filter to protect pump, and prolong the service life of main two filters. Filter precision can be adjusted and changed according to client's actual need. Vacuum Oil Filling System can do precision filtering, it usually equips three-stage filters, also can equip four or five stage filters as per user's requirements . Light weight, easy operation, it can be used as oiling machine for long distance and high-lift oiling works. Pressure Gauge monitors the working status of machine and pollution levels continuously. It is also used for oil transferring/ filling at working fields, suitable for field portable assignments and aerial work, while oil filling, filtration is also done at same time. The features of Series PO-H Portable High Precision Oil Purifier (Equipped with heaters) 1.High quality of Heater system installed, help heat the oils (especially high viscosity oils) and let the oil flow into machine more quickly and smoothly. 2.Compact structure, small volume, light weight, easy to carry 3.Internal use filter element to filter, repeated use, save cost, not contaminated sites 4.Filtration precision, the product specifications can be free to choose according to need 5.Can be made into explosion-proof type, used at dangerous working area. 6.Use patented technology to produce. Such as high-effective separating separation tower, fuzzy control technology, dewatering and degassing very effectively. 7.It can purify the losing-efficient insulation oil and make the oil reach the new oil standard without power cut, changing the oil or using filtering papers. 8.Have the function of filling oil under vacuum condition. 9.The purifier has large route, strong capability of holding dirt and can be used for a long time. 10.The ultrasonic cleaning function can be selected. 11.Stable and safe Operation with low noise. 12.Can effectively purify the tiny and fine mechanical impurity from oil, enabling it to be a prior choice of power industry, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mechanics and railway for oil filling, oil drawing and high precision impurity removal of mutual inductor, lathe, and oil breaker which do not use large quantity of oil. 13.Fully enclosed type are available to produce.

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