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Machinery, Vacuum Oil Purifier

Company Introduction

FuooTech Oil Filtration Group is a hi-tech stock company engaged in developing, producing, selling a series of oil purifier and oil purifiction machines that regenerate and purify all kinds of waste/used oils, such as engine oil, lube oil, transformer oil, turbine oil. Our oil purifiers have been exported to many countries.
Our products as follows:
Insulating/ Transformer Oil Purifier
Double-Stage Highly Effective Vacuum Insulating Oil Purifier Series ZYD
Double-Stage Vacuum Automation Insulation Oil Purifier Series ZYD-A
Double-Stage Vacuum Insulating Oil Regeneration Purifier Series ZYD-I
Highly Effective Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier Series ZY, ZYA
Multiply-Function Insulating Oil Regeneration Purifier Series ZYB
Mobile Type Transformer Oil Purifier Series ZYD-M
Insulation Oil Regeneration Device Series BZ
BDV Insulating Oil Tester (Test Oil Dielectric Strength) Series IIJ-II
Turbine Oil Purifier
Zhongneng Turbine Oil Purifier Series TY
Zhongneng Automation Turbine Oil Purifier Series TY-A
Zhongneng Turbine Oil Regeneration Purifier Series TY-R
Lubricating Oil Purifier
Phosphate Ester Fire-Resistant Oil Purifier Series TYA-1
Zhongneng Vacuum Lubricating Oil Purifier Series LY
Vacuum Automation Lubricating Oil Purifier Series LY-A
Zhongneng Vacuum Lubricating Oil Regeneration Purifier Series TYC
Engine Oil Regeneration System
Engine Oil Purifier/ Oil Regeneration System Series LYE
Diesel oil, gasoline oil and fuel oil purifier
Coalescence-Separation Oil Purifier specially for Diesel Oil, Gasoline Oil, Fuel Oil, Light Lubricating Oil Series TYB
Portable Oil Purifier/ Oiling Machine Series JL
Plate Pressure Oil Purifier Series PL
Centrifugal Vacuum Oil Purifier Series CYA
If you are interested in our machines, please don' t hesitate to contact us.

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FuooTech Oil Filtration Group
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North America, East Asia, Africa, South America, South Asia, Middle East
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91% - 100%
Machinery, Vacuum Oil Purifier

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