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Polyethylene water bike is another kind of popular water bike widely used in water amusement park. PE is short for polyethylene which is one kind of main material for all the water sports. The excellent Corrosion resistance, electrical insulation (especially high-frequency insulation) are the advantages of this kind of material.The prices for the Polyethylene water bike is cheaper than others. So most of the clients will make the economic choices due to the prices.All of our water bikes is designed fashion and can be customized as well. That makes our water bike selling widely to many overseas countries these five years. When will you need our water bike? The time you wanna have fun on the lake, park or even the offshore. You can spend the leisure time with your best friends and dear families by riding our water bicycles.During this time, you can work together to make our water bike go very fast on the lake to feel the soft wind floats on your cheeks. And to feel the beautiful time with your friends on our water bike. As far as you know that all of our bicycles for water can be driven by all the clients themselves at any age which is easy to maintain for all the purchaser. The operation of our water biking is really simple and do not spend any manpower, that makes our water pedal bike become the best choice of most our clients all around the world. Riding our water bike on lakes is a wise choice for you to build the good relationship with your dear families and best friends now.During the time of riding our water biking on water, you can enjoy the whole holiday and enjoy the leisure time better than any other time. Water bike is a safe and healthy way of water sports all the time. The banana water bike, a water entertainment springing up in the last few years. You can enjoy a good time with your families or friends with it. It is made from Polyethylene with very cheap price and colorful appearances. We accept your design for sure of this kind of water bike. Type no.: UL-8811 Hull material: Polyethylene(PE) Weight:145kg Size:3.15*3.25*1.2meter Loading Capacity: 2people Speed:8-12 km/h Color: can be customized Packing: plywood per piece

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