Premium Organic Raw Honey From Xinjiang Altay Area Of China

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Brand Name: Miyuan
Model Number: R-H
Place of Origin: China
MOQ: 3 tons
Type: Raw
Color: golden/amber

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Premium Multi flower Honey from Xinjiang Altay Area of China Appearance: It is brownish or yellowish amber, texture is thick, it looks glossy and the color is bright. Taste: It has the aroma of natural wild flowers, smell good and sweet, the taste is rich and layered, lasting a long fragrance with delicate taste. Feature: High in baume degree, the nutrition of multi-nectar is more comprehensive and easier to absorb than single nectar. Plant resource: Xinjiang Altay—The largest scale beekeeping base in the world Altay is located in the heart of Eurasia, away from the sea and belongs to the temperate continental climate zone. Altay is the northernmost city in Xinjiang, which latitude is similar to the Mohe in the northeast. The terrain of the whole area is high in the west and low in the east, the hilly plain is high in the east and low in the west. From the northern Altay ridge line to the southern hilly plain, there is a distinct terraced terrain feature. The mountainous area accounts for 32% of the total area, 22% of the hilly valley plain and 46% of gobi desert. The highest altitude is 4,374 meters and the lowest altitude is 317 meters. Xinjiang Altay Multi flower Honey and Comb Honey Base is the largest beekeeping base of the country. Here sparsely populated and is rich in source of water and honey plant, having a top ecological environment system. Our company set up 107 beekeeping points which covers 200 kilometers around the area. We use tray type bee hives and implement refined management and professional beekeeping process, strive to provide customers with the best quality honey products. About Us Shandong Miyuan company mainly doing honey export as the main business, has been 18 years of exports to the EU, Japan and other countries and regions. With the professional technology and the pursuit of quality, all of our clients were highly satisfied with our products and service. Shandong Miyuan company manages 8 beekeeping bases all over the country for export directly. We have more than 10 thousands of bee swarms mainly supply natural honey, royal jelly, comb honey and we are also developing the manufacture of bee hives. Shandong Miyuan company is the only modern export enterprise in the world can truly achieve large scale beekeeping and also have the automatic production line for producing honey. Large Scale Beekeeping— Our Bases Shandong Miyuan company manages 8 beekeeping bases in the best areas all over the country with more than 10 thousands of bee swarms. We authentically achieved large scale beekeeping which ranks number one in the world. In addition to the export of honey, Shandong Miyuan conpany also breeding bees and cultivating superior new bee queen at Yunnan beekeeping base in winter. We have been cultivated the hybridization of black bee and Italian bee of type 2 and type 3 varieties, and made a good effect in our own apiary. ????? / Our Beekeeping Bases: 1???????? Qinling Acacia Honey Base 2?????????? Heilongjiang Raohe Linden Honey Base 3?????????????? Xinjiang Altay Multi flower Honey and Comb Honey Base 4?????????? Shanxi Jia County Jujube Honey Base 5?????????? Yunnan Tengchong Royal Jelly Base 6????????????Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau Weining Yungui Honey Base 7?????????? Sichuan Ziyang Loquat Honey Base 8?????????? Yunnan Ailao Mountain Bee Breeding Base Specialized Production—Our Equipment In order to improve the quality of the honey, Shandong Miyuan company introduced the world's most advanced Italian fully automatic cutting separator honey machine. It ensures the process of dispelling bees, cutting honey cover, separation, purification and filling, all the whole process is replaced manual work by the machine. It not only improves production efficiency, but also improves the quality of honey. Shandong Miyuan company has its own product testing center with the physical and chemical room, the microbiology room, the balance room, the high greenhouse, the inoculation room, the culture room, the precision instrument room and other functional rooms. The main equipment has ultraviolet spectrophotometer, high performance liquid chromatography, enzyme standard and other testing equipment. The routine indexes, physical and chemical indexes, residues of drug residues, microorganism and other necessary detection items can all be self-examined. Standardized Process—Our Quality Shandong Miyuan company has very strict management and control for every step and procedure--from the bee base location, to the professional beekeeping, from the mechanization of extraction of honey to indispensable purification and filtration, from the strict detection to the final packaging and transportation, NO ADDITIVE, NO POLLUTION. We ensure that every drop of honey meet the most stringent export standards. Shandong Miyuan company has the complete traceability system, which ensures that the product can be traced back to the source, and further ensure the quality of the products. The company has established the strict access system for honey raw materials. Every batch of honey is sampled not only test by ourselves but also sent to the authorities for detection. The test method is the most advanced and the test index is the most comprehensive. Make every drop of honey with our heart China has a vast territory with complex terrain and climate, also is rich in resources and honey plant. We are the world's one of the earliest countries to raise bees and produce honey products, combined with advanced beekeeping technology and rich experience, we have the absolute ability and power to provide high-quality natural honey. Quality is priority, find us, you will know the authentic China honey. Su Changpeng, founder of shandong Miyuan company, met the leaders of the World Apicultural Association to communicate and discuss the development of beekeeping at the 45th Apimondia International Apicultural conference. Our honey was highly admired by the peers and clients.

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