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RFID finds application in virtually every part of the oil and coal industry, both upstream and downstream. Many tag readers are suitable for use in the hazardous and hostile environments typical on offshore platforms, refineries and petrochemical processing plants. Intrinsically Safe equipment is available and companies allow us Ex inspection software suitable for hazardous areas using engineered passive RFID tags, approved for OPPIOT company. RFID PCB Tag can be used as perforation gun triggering, identifying pipe joints, oil tanker tracking and tracking of personnel, just to name a few. In refineries, you can use it to capture information on pressure safety relief in leading vessels, pipework and process equipment. You can use it in a live plant to pay for the requirement of 100% accuracy and assurance that this correct safety equipment is within the correct location and hang with the correct pressure rating. To help keep records of relevant critical technical and process information, passive RFID tags might be baked into both the valve as well as the flange of the vessel or pipeline, enabling engineers to see the tags to confirm that the information is correct. The data can be transferred via WiFi or by connecting the RFID reader on the PC, typically by putting it in the cradle. Refineries have a very statutory requirement to test every safety relief valve and certify it can be operational - using RFID can reduce along these safety checks, saving downtime. By using this technology, enough time taken recertifying or repairing a security valve could be reduced to under 50% that taken by traditional manual methods involving hard copy inspection, repair sheets and certificates.

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