Plastic Raw 54G43 Nylon 66 For Injection Molding

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Brand Name: Fukuang
Model Number: FK-54G43
Place of Origin: China
MOQ: 500kgs
Type: resin
Color: natural
Material: Nylon66
Certificate: SGS
Feature: plastic resins
Packaging: 76 × 56 × 17 Centimeters
Size: 25kgs/package

Product Detail

Plastic raw material 54G43 43% glass filled nylon 66 for injection molding Packing in paper bag, 25kg/pack Enhanced strength, stiffness and impact-resistance with 43% GF excellent appearance Applications area: 1. Automotive manufacturing: Applications: fans, railroad tie insulators, office furniture 2. Electrical and electronic industry: Utility model can be used for manufacture of electric rice cookers, electric dust cleaners, high-frequency electronic food heaters, terminals, switches and resistors of electrical appliances 3. Medical instruments and precision instruments: Utility model is used for medical transfusion tube, blood sampling device, an infusion device, PA monofilament can be used as surgical suture, wig in addition, electronic typewriter digital rotary disk, terminal column, transmission gear, printing machine belt filter 4. Other aspects: For production of disposable lighter body, alkaline battery liner, motorcycle driver's helmet, office machine shell, chair angle wheel, seat and back office, skates, fishing line, PA films with excellent gas barrier properties, oil resistance and low temperature resistance, impact resistance, penetration resistance, can be used for meat, ham sausage frozen food packing Polyamides can also be bars and plates, as well as gears or other gears Physical properties Metric English Comments Specific gravity 1.50g/cc 1.50g/cc Dry: ASTM D792 Water absorption 1.6% 1.6% Wet Linear mold shrinkage 0.0030cm 0.0030" Dry ASTM D2863 Linear mold shrinkage, transverse 0.0070cm 0.0070" Dry ASTM D2863

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