Superabrasive Wheels For CNC Tool Grinder

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Technology: yes
Condition: 150%
Style: 150
Packaging: box
Material: diamond
Certificate: ISO9001:2008
Color: black
Type: 1A1 14A1
MOQ: 1
Place of Origin: china
Model Number: 150D
Brand Name: more super hard

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cnc tool grinding video cnc tool grinder used cnc tool and cutter grinder for sale cnc tool and cutter grinder for sale surface grinding wheel cnc Work linear velocity: 35 m/s - 70 - m/s Grit: 400# Material:Diamond Bonds:Resin Type:1A1 1V1 11V9 12V9 ect Size: 75-300mm Process: Sintered Roundness: <0.01mm Manual/automatic: automatic Grinding way:Wet Application: CNC grinding wheel is mainly used for the overall carbide, high-speed steel, stainless steel drill bits, milling cutters and reamers and other CNC cutting tools, shovel back, the end of the tooth grinding Application grinder: the United States Sac Australian ANKA (ANCA), Germany Walter (Walter), Germany Sutter (Schutte), Taiwan Ding Wei and other 5-axis CNC tool grinding machine. Detail CNC Tool Grinding Machine Diamond Grinding Wheel CNC tool grinding machine with excellent stability and flexibility, the requirements of diamond grinding wheel is also unconventional diamond grinding wheel can be achieved, the strength of the grooved wheel cutting requirements of 4-5mm or even 7-8mm, while requiring good surface quality, because Large grinding contact surface, the coolant is difficult to be effectively utilized, therefore, in order to avoid the workpiece burn, using ordinary diamond grinding wheel can only take to reduce the amount of feed approach. And our new generation of RM Powerful Grinding Wheels, designed for use with CNC tool grinding machines such as ANCA, WALTER, SCHUTTE, EWAG, SCHNEEBERGER, HUFFMANN, etc., offers outstanding performance with very high spindle loads Cutting speed, a large amount of feed for a strong slot, the surface quality of the workpiece being machined, while maintaining a good wheel-shape retention. CNC Tool Grinder Diamond wheel feature: 1, high-security type, suitable for high-precision tool production and processing; 2, a large amount of knife up to 4-7mm; 3, the workpiece surface finish is good 4, low spindle load; 5, high cutting speed; 6, grinding wheel sharp wear, long dressing cycle. Performance Comparison of Grinding Wheel with CNC Tool Grinding Wheel and Conventional Bonding Agent   Resin bond Metal bond Vitrified bond RM powerful grinding wheel Cutting efficiency general general high high Free cutting general low high high Insurance type performance general high general high Fluting : Perfect Flute Surface Quality; Extremely High Stock Removal; Very Low Energy Consumption Model D (Mm) T (Mm) X (Mm) H (Mm) Grit 1A1 75 10 5 20 D64 100 6, 10, 12 5, 10 20 D46, D64 125 10, 12, 16 10 20 D46, D64 150 12 10 20 D64      1V1 D (Mm) T (Mm) X (Mm) H (Mm) V° 75 10 5 20 45 100 10? 15 5 20 45 125 6? 10? 15 5 20 45 150 12 5 20 45      14F1 ( Flute For Drill ) D (Mm) U (Mm) X (Mm) H (Mm) R 100 4 6 20 2 125 3 5 20 1.5 150 1,5 5, 7 20 0.5 , 2.5 Gashing And Clear Edge:The Production Of Superior Tool Edge Quality ;High Stock Removal; Maintaining Wheel Profile Model D (Mm) T (Mm) X (Mm) H (Mm) V° 1V1 100 10, 15 5, 10 20 45 125 4, 10, 15 5, 6, 10 20 45 12V9 D (Mm) W (Mm) X (Mm) H (Mm) 75 3 10 20 100 3 10 20 125 3 10 20 150 3 10 20 Relief Angle Grinding: Excellent Surface Finish And The Best Profile Consistency;Excellent Edge Quality ;High Stock Removal At Second Relief 12V9 D (Mm) W (Mm) X (Mm) H (Mm) 75 3 10 20 100 2, 3 10 20 125 3 10 20 Other Specification Can Be Made According To Customers Requirements. Email:

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