Rpem Required For Wovan Wheels For Internal Diameter Grinding For Material Hardn

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CBN grinding wheel advantage Suitable for PCD, compact CVD, PCBN, cemented carbide, ceramic cutting tools and other cutting milling cutter, drill, reamer cutting tools such as grinding and grinding fast and efficient low damage;Also applied in the new engineering structure ceramic, stone, crystal, rare earth materials (magnetic material) contour machining hard and fragile materials. PCBN Inserts, Solid CBN Peripheral Diamond Grinding Wheel internal grinding wheel advantages: 1. The dressing frequency is low, generally 50 ~ 150 inner circle can be continuously grinded and 50 ~ 150 grinding channels can be grinding once; 2. High precision, improving the processing efficiency by 50%-200%; 3. Cost reduction. Considering the cost of equipment, personnel and time, comprehensive cost can be reduced by about 1/3. Compared with ordinary grinding tools: 1. Good appearance retention of internal grinding wheell grinding area; 2. internal grinding wheel has a long service life (according to the different supporting equipment and processing technology) and is made of ordinary grinding wheel 50-200 times; 3. Good dimensional consistency, high precision and stability. 4. internal grinding wheel surface of parts is of good quality, without burn or deterioration; 5. Diamond pen can be used for dressing and sharpening tools. It is better to use diamond roller. High speed service, (the higher the service speed, the longer the service life of the grinding wheel) the dressing amount per time is 1/5 of that of the ordinary grinding wheel, generally no more than 0.01mm. Application of cbn internal grinding wheel  1.It ncludes steering pump and compressor, bearing races, injection nozzles, hydraulic lifter, gear bores and many others.  2. It can be used on high precision CBN internal grinding machines. 3.It is applied to grind bearing's internal  hole, internal grinding of reciprocating refrigeration compressor cylinder internal hole and shaft holes. 4.It suit for internal and external groove grinding of bearing, constant velocity cardan joint's ball of truck drive shaft and bell jar. If you need any products, do not hesitate to contact Annamoresuper@gmail.com Anna.wang@moresuperhard.com WhatsApp:+8615617785923 Skype:Annawng Wechat:15617785923 QQ:1664333593 Mobile:+86-156177854923 Tel/Fax:+86-0371-86545906

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