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PU Polishing Pad for Optical Glass Lens Polishing Polyurethane Polishing Pad WhatsApp:+8615617785923 Anna.wang@moresuperhard.com Features   High flexibility. Environmentally safe. Lower distortion. Good stability. Small shrink. Non-Scratches to the surface paint. Works well with car glazes, silicones, polishes, waxes,compounds,sealants as well as the clay powers.   Polyurethane Polishing Pad Grinders: SHUWA SGM-6301, NTS Nanosurface-180G, NTS Nanosurface 250/NC-VDM Polyurethane (PU) Polishing Pad More Superhard Provides Polyurethane (PU) Polishing Pads. Abrasive Fillers Include Cerium And Zirconium, Some Pads Do Not Have Abrasive Filler. Type: MSH-110, MSH-120, MSH-130, MSH-210, MSH-230, Application: Glass, LED, Precision Optics Details Application Of Polyurethane (PU) Polishing Pad :use: Surface polishing of mobile phone lenses, watch lenses, glass products, crystal crafts, optical lenses, liquid crystal displays, precision optical instruments, military electronic transilluminators, lenses and color TV cases,Grinding and polishing wafer,coal, gallium arsenide, and other semiconductor materials mirror polishing.Grinding and polishing of gemstones, quartz, stainless steel and other metals. Size Of Polyurethane (PU) Polishing Pad : Shape Dimensions (Inches / Mm) Rectangle 23 X 55 Inches 584.2 X 1397 Mm 36 X 71 Inches 914 X 1803 Mm Square 42 X 42 Inches 1066 X 1066 Mm 52 X 52 Inches 1320 X 1320 Mm Roundness Φ 26 Inches 660 Mm Φ 32 Inches 812 Mm Φ 38 Inches 965 Mm Φ 52 Inches 1320 Mm Custom Sizes, Shapes And Configurations Are Available.Email: anna.wang@Moresuperhard.Com Thickness For Polyurethane Polishing Pad: Standard Thickness For PU Polishing Pads Ranges From 0.020 Inches (0.508 Mm) To 0.20 Inch(5.08 Mm) Model Filler Average Density G / Cm³ (Ib / Ft³ ? Average Hardness Shore - A Application Area  MSH- 110 Cerium Oxide 0.42 (26) 78 Glass, Crystal, Metal, Ceramic  MSH- 120 Cerium Oxide 0.43 (27) 78 Glass, Crystal  MSH- 130 Cerium Oxide 0.35 (22) 66 Glass, Crystal  MSH- 210 Zirconium Oxide 0.59 (37) 90 Glass, Metal , Ceramic  MSH- 230 Zirconium Oxide 0.40 (25) 74 Glass, Crystal  MSH- 240 Zirconium Oxide 0.57 (36) 88 Glass, Crystal  MSH- 410 None 0.51 (32) 88 Glass, Metal , Ceramic, Crystal  MSH- 420 None 0.77 (49) 96 Glass, Metal , Ceramic, Crystal Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives (PSA) Backing: Adhesive Backing Is Available On All Types Of Pads. PSA Backing Ranges From High-Holding To Low Tack/Easy Release. Grooving :Grooves Improve Pad Performance By Reducing Excess Slurry From The Pads Surfaces. More Superhard Pad In Offered In A Variety Of Groove Configurations . The Depth Of A Groove Is Usually Half Of The Pad Thickness, Only Pad With Thickness Of More Than 2 Mm Can Be Grooved . Groove Width Is Usually 2 Mm, And The Island Size Is Usually 16*16 Mm. Polyurethane polishing pad filler different, The addition of fillers (yttria, zirconia) to the polyurethane polishing sheet is a minor addition. The type of filler does not determine the polishing powder used. For example, yttria can be used with a polishing sheet containing a zirconia filler or The opposite is true. The bismuth oxide-containing polishing sheet-mainly to improve the polishing rate. Zirconium oxide-containing polishing sheet - mainly to improve the finish. Polishing tablets without fillers—mainly characterized by stable aperture during polishing. Polyurethane polishing leather foam hole different role The polishing foam pores are more favorable to the fluidity of the polishing powder and the polishing rate is better. The less polishing foam pores are stronger in the hydrophilic property, because the polyurethane foam under the eroding of the long-term polishing liquid has more deformation than the polyurethane polishing skin with less foaming holes. Therefore, the foamed holes are more polished. The number of skin repairs increases accordingly. The advantages of polyurethane polishing skin groove In order to increase the fluidity of the polishing liquid and increase the polishing rate, a grooved type of polyurethane polishing pad can be used, and generally, a thickness of 1.5 mm or more is selected. The grooved type is respectively 20 mm and 30 mm. The grooved polishing pad will reduce the polishing powder. The larger particles in the lens scratch the lens, mainly for the plane processing. Advantages of polyurethane polishing skin punching In order to increase the fluidity of the polishing liquid and improve the polishing efficiency, the type of punched polyurethane polishing leather is used. The size of the general hole is about 2mm. According to the diameter of the lens, the rotation speed of the device, the value of R, the arrangement of the holes is divided into 90 degrees, 60 degrees, 45 degrees, more suitable for spherical processing. Advantages of polyurethane polishing belt adhesive The adhesive of polyurethane should be chosen to have good fluidity. If the adhesive layer is uneven, it will cause the unevenness of the polishing surface, which will cause the polished aperture to be unstable. Therefore, the adhesive layer with adhesive can be used to achieve uniform adhesive layer. Polyurethane polishing pads are mostly used for flat surface processing.

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