Diamond Content Of Diamond Grinding Wheel

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Brand Name: more super hard
Model Number: 150
Place of Origin: china
MOQ: 1
Type: 1A1 14A1
Material: diamond
Feature: long life

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DIAMOND CONTENT OF DIAMOND GRINDING WHEEL Diamond content of diamond grinding wheel is an important factor affecting products performance, but many people do not know how to test its content. The diamond content in the grinding wheel is calculated by how many carats (ct) of diamond per cubic centimeter (cm 3): 1, CT carat refers to the weight of diamond, not volume, 1ct =0.2g. 2. The content method is based on resin bond method for diamond grinding wheel, metal bonding method and ceramic bonding method, except for electroforming. 3, 1ct/cm3 = 25%, 2.2ct/cm3 = 50%, 3.3ct/cm3 = 75%, 4.4ct/cm3 = 100%, 5.5ct/cm3 = 125%. 4. Low content is used for large surface grinding to reduce grinding impedance, high content is used for forming grinding to obtain sharp angle, arc or other special shape. 5. The specification of diamond resin grinding wheel shows that SDC150P100B is SDC diamond abrasive – 150 size coarse – P junction hardness – 100% (diamond abrasive with 4.4 carats per cubic centimeter) – B resin bonding.

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