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Product Intruduction: HSTS pasteurizer, based on plate heat exchanger, over 90% heat regeneration, automatic flow divert valve, PLC automatic control with touch screen or digital control for pasteurized temperature. The pasteuriser consists of plate heat exchanger, balance tank, pump, hot water circulation system (including: mixer of steam and water or steam-water plate heat exchanger, hot water pump, steam adjusting valve and water level control, etc) and computer system for pasteurisation program, CIP program, temperature control, this is used in heating and cooling raw material. The pasteuriser is usually used in the processes of milk, ice-cream, milk powder, fruit juice, beverage, etc which is sensitive to heat. The material is pumped to the plate heat exchanger, then been preheating, holding, heat energy recover, cooling and all this can keep the products original physical nature and taste. Main features: 1. Hard to agglomerate,long working time; 2. PLC control with simple and correct operation; 3. touch screen display,which is direct and full; 4. self-provided CIP cleaning system,easy cleaning; 5. reliable materials with high pressure withstanding capacity;low maintenance cost; 6. It can be customized to satisfy individualized requirements of different customers.
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