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specifications: The milk pasteurization machine is specially used for pasteurization of fresh milk and yogurt. The plates and stainless steel pipes are made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel. The temperature of material inlet is 5°C. The sterilization technology: fresh milk 85°C/15-30S and yogurt 95°C/300S. The temperature of material outlet is 5°C/45°C. The steam system adopts SPIRAXSARCO steam pressure relief valve, regulating valve and Denmark TEMPRESS temperature sensor. The control cabinet adopts Japan Fuji temperature controller and Schneider electric elements. The system has such functions as high temperature alarm and low temperature return flow, which have strictly guaranteed that all discharged materials conform to required technology parameters. advantage: 1. The material and the heating medium are in their own sealing system, ensure materials sanitary; 2. Short sterilization time, maintain the nutrition; 3. Good heat transfer effect, high heat recovery, less energy consumption; 4. The main control components, valve parts and accessories are imported parts, with long life; 5. Adopting PLC control, may automaticly control the heating temperature, hot water temperature, the steam flow adjusting. And is equipped with the material automatic backflow system, ensure 100% sterilization effect; 6. Simple structure, easy to clean, convenient operation, low cost of maintenance.
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