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Application: DVTP High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier is to remove the oil in the water and impurities, to improve the electrical strength of oil to protect the paper in the paper insulation, but also to a certain extent, improve the physical and chemical properties of oil. Power distribution transformers are mostly installed in the open air environment, transformer insulating oil by external impurities, and air contact and the equipment itself running a higher temperature, the quality of the oil gradually deteriorated. After the deformation of the transformer insulating oil will not play the proper insulation, cooling effect. In order to prevent the safe operation caused by deterioration of oil quality is affected, the normal operation of the regular distribution of oil samples for analysis and do filtration treatment by DVTP transformer vacuum oil dehydration plant. The inspection cycle for chemical monitoring of the distribution of oil is specified for at least 3 years. Conventional inspection items include acid value, water-soluble acid, flash point, breakdown voltage, appearance. Our DVTP High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier can improve breakdown voltage, reduce acid value, recover appearance, flash point and insulation performance by dehydration, degassing, removing contaminants, regeneration treatment, etc. At present, ACORE’s DVTP Transformer Oil Purifier uses a advanced film dehydration and degassing technology, that is, Oil go through degassing components to form a very thin oil film, and always completed in the oil film dehydration Degassing, so that the water and gas in insulating oil can be removed completely. Company: Acore Filtration Co.,Ltd Website: Email: Tel: +86 23 8132 4618 Whatsapp & Mobile: +86 13206063693 Skype: acorefiltration Video:

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