Chocolate Milk Essence Facial Mask Powder

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Packaging: Bag/Jar
Function: moisturizing,acne removing,anti-wrinkle, balance grease
Certificate: ISO9001/FDA/GMP
Material: chocolate and milk essence,cocoa polyphenols, collagen, vitamin E
Color: Chocolate
Type: Facial Mask
MOQ: 100kg
Place of Origin: China
Model Number: Chocolate
Brand Name: OEM/ODM

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Main ingredients:chocolate and milk essence,cocoa polyphenols, collagen, vitamin E, natural moisturizing factor etc.

1.The perfect combination of pure milk and chocolate cream canquickly and directly provide the skin with lasting and deep whiten nourishment, eliminate dark yellow and uneven skin tone.
2.The mask can repair the water shortage caused by environment and sunshine, play up to 12 hours of long-lasting moisturizing effect, make skin hydrogel full, continue to play the role of whitening update.
3. Can also repair the damaged cells, remove the skin toxins and oxygen free radicals.
4.adjust the skin microcirculation, improve dark lacklustre skin, repeat young and beautiful
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