24K Gold Alginate Collagen Mask Powder

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Suitable skin types: universal
Product Form: Powder
Packaging: Bag/Jar
Function: moisturizing,stretching,anti-wrinkle,brighten,anti-aging
Feature: more efficacy ingredients, more efficient for skin care
Certificate: ISO9001/FDA/GMP
Material: Platinum peptide,corn flour,maltodextrin,amylaceum,sodium alginat
Color: gold
MOQ: 100kg
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: OEM

Product Detail

Nano platinum polypeptide:
In girlhood,we didn't even think about it.In the season of love,we are afraid to see it.In the baptism of the years,we have to meet it.But in the depths of the heart,we want to get rid of it.After each method being used,it didn't change anymore.But it didn't stop our heart.We also often imagine there is a miracle.The world's first truly anti-gene,which effect on precursor cells,can really change your skin age.

Moisturizing,promoting the skin cell regeneration,to achieve the effect of anti-rejuvenation.

Skin-care mechanism:
When platinum is slightly into nanometer size,it can release the electron transfer to reactive oxygen species and eliminate the oxidation.Platinum nano colloid has been confirmed that it can eliminate the all known 11 kinds of reactive oxygen species.At the same time,it produces a weak negative potential,which can absorb the moisture in the skin,strengthen the cuticle moisturizing effect,and shrink pores.The silver nano colloid can strengthen the skin,and embellish the skin to appear a double water effect.
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