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Brand Name: ABB
Model Number: CI840
Place of Origin: USA
MOQ: 1

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ABB CI840 Contact:mandy Skype:8618050035547 Whatapp:008618050035547 QQ:3340286921 Phone No: +8618050035547 We are one of the largest distributor of PLC,controller,frequency inverter,converter,servo motor,touch screen,display,drive,software.input module,output module and modulating control system.Cable of brands ALLEN-BRADLEY,ABB,GE,FANUC,TRICONEX,OMRON,SCHEIDER,SIEMENS,BENTILY,WESTINGHOUSE AND FOXBORO in China. VE4002S2T2 VE4002S2T2B1 VE4002S2T2B2 VE4003S1B2 VE4003S2 VE4003S2B1 VE4003S2B2 VE4003S2B3 VE4003S2B4 VE4003S2B5 VE4003S2B6 VE4003S4B1 VE4003S5B1 VE4003S6B1 VE4003S7B1 VE4005S1B2 VE4005S2B1 VE4005S2B2 VE4005S2B3 VE4006P2 VE4007 VE4009 VE4010B1 VE4011B1 VE4011B2 VE4012S2B1 VE4012S2B2 VE4013S1B1 VE4013S1B2 VE4013S2B1 VE4013S2B2 VE4014 VE4015 VE4016 VE4017PO VE4021 VE4031S2T2B1 VE4032S1T2B1 VE4033S2B1 VE4035S2B1 VE4036P2 VE4037PO VE4050E1C0 VE4050E1C2 VE4050E2C0 VE4050E2C2 VE4050S2K1C0 VE4050S2K1C1 VE4052M0 VE4052M1 VE4055S1C0 VE4055S1C1 VE4055S2C0 VE4055S2C2 VE4056 VE4060C0 VE4060C1 VE4070 VE4102 VE4201 VE4202 VE4251 VE5001 VE5003 VE5005 VE5008 VE5009 VE5010 VE5011 VE5012 VE5056 VE6001P1 VE6006 VE6014P1 VE6014P2 VE6014P3 VE6014P4 VE6015P1 VE6015P2 VE6015P3 VE6015P4 VE6017F0P1 VE6017F0P2 VE6017F0P3 VE6017F0P4 VE6017F1P1 VE6017F1P2 VE6017F1P3 VE6017F1P4 VE6018P1 VE6018P2 VE6018P 3VE6018P4 VE6019 VE6021P1 VE6021P2 VE6021P3 VE6021P4 VE6022P1 VE6022P2 VE6022P3 VE6022P4 VE6023 VE6024 VE6025 VE6101 VE6104

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