Plastic Wheel Component Assembly For Power Tool & Garden Tool

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1. Assembly Line Introduction

With the needs of the manufacturing development, Shengyue provides assembly services based on plastic parts. Our company sets up a special assembly workshop, forming professional assembly lines, and strict process control to meet the customer's technical requirements.

2. The advantages assemble at Shengyue

1)Save cost for customers. Because of the low labor cost in China mainland, it can save labor cost for foreign customers.
2)Save freight cost. After assembly, the product become smaller in size, it is convenient for transportation, not only reduce the wastage in transit, but also save the transportation cost.
3)Can find the problems earlier. Assembly in our company equals to increase a quality inspection in some ways. It can avoid quality problems for assembly at abroad which save the unnecessary trouble.

Typical assembly products

3. Assembly Line

4. Shengyue Mold Design

Shengyue completely equipped to develop your product from concept to model, from prototype to final production tool. We welcome the opportunity to design the optimum part for performance, economically cost, and moldability.

There are6experienced and skilled engineers in our Engineering Department.We can accept any technical files which adapt the following top popular technical design softwares:

Equiping with the most advanced softwares and many professional mould design talents greatly improve the design ability of Shengyue. Now, Shengyue can design all kinds of plastic molds and injection molding parts in a short time.

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