Injection Molding Technology Plastic Extrusion Profiles With Custom Dimensions

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Name: Extrusion Profiles with Customized Dimensions








2. Product Advantages:

1) Light weight: The weight per unit is only 1/6 of the cast-iron pipe fittings, so the transportation is quite convenient.
2) Easy installation: It adopts the solvent cement joining and flexible connection. Therefore, the installation is quite easy and the sealing is reliable.
3) Long service life: The service time can reach more than 50 years under the normal working pressure.
4) Low cost: The cost of the transportation and installation is low, and the total cost is 30-40% lower than that of the cast-iron pipe fittings.
5) Recycled and Environment-friendly.

3. Shengyue business on extrusion parts

As the demand of customers, our company introduced plastic extrusion business in 2005 materials include PP, PA, PE, PVC, ABS, TPE, PMMA etc, engineering plastic, transparent plastic, hard plastic and soft plastic, all the materials in line with the SGS, RoHs
testing standards. Mainly producing all kinds of pipes, profiles, seals and other kinds of
plastic extrusion products, widely used in household appliances, lamps, auto parts, daily necessities, exhibition display equipment, hutch defends equipment, building materials, machinery and other industries. Nearly 10 years of development, our extrusion business scale is growing, and now we have eight advanced extrusion line.

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