Customized Thermoplastic Injection Moulding Plastic Cover Tooling

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1. Quick Details

* Mold size: 500 x 550 x 530mm
* Mold weight: 300kg
* material: SECC 0.8

2. Specifications:

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ProductName | Cover Mold |
Moldsteel | 8407.NAK80.S136 |
SurfaceFinish | MT |
MeasuringInstruments | 3DCMM,Fixture,HardnessMeter,Projector,DigitalHeight,,etc. |
Equipment | CNCMachiningCenter,SodickEDM,FinePrecisionGrindingMachine,80Tto400TinjectionMachines,etc. |
DesignSoftware | PRO/E,AutoCAD,SolidWork,UG,MasterCAM,Autoform |
Applications | CustomizedPlasticTooling |
ExportingArea | US, Europe etc. |
Applications | Ourproductswidelyinvolvedin manyindustries,especiallyinsomeprofessionalfields,suchaspowertools,gardentools,childsafetysupplies,liquid measuringinstruments.etc. |
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3.Shengyue Engineering

Part design, tool design, and resin selection all have a big impact on cost and performance of your product,Which is why our engineering team evaluates manufacturability, mold flow, performance, and optimal aesthetics.

More About Shengyue's Engineering Capabilities

DFMA ~Identify, quantify and eliminate waste
Prototype~Rapid proof of concept to production
MoldFlow~Real-time analysis reports reduce time and cost

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