Waterproof 500 Watt Off Grid Generator Battery SystemFor Vehicle Equipment

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Automatic Recovery 500W Off Grid Solar Inverter With Full Power And High Efficiency

PDA Series Power Inverter

Modified sine wave inverter can convert DC power 12v/24v to AC power 220v.
It is one type of convenient power converter.It adopts new high frequency switch,second frequency conversion technology and integrated module to make the volume and weight reduced.
Copared with traditional inverter,its volume and weight is only 1/5 to 1/10, and the conversion efficiency improved to more than 90%.It satisfies most of electricity demand.
High efficiency,low noise and moderate prices made it become the mainstream products in the market.
Used in the car is convenient,safe and reliable.


Our solar power inverter is suitable for:
1.Vehicle equipment series: military vehicle, police cars, ambulances, ships, traffic lights, etc;
2.Industrial equipment systems: solar energy, wind power, gas discharge lamps, etc;
3.Office: computers, printers, copiers, scanners, digital cameras, etc;
4.Kitchen utensils systems: microwave, electric stove, refrigerator, etc;
5.Household electrical equipment: fans, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, lighting, etc.


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Model | PDA500 | PDB500 | PDC500 |
Input Voltage | DC 12V | DC 24V | DC 48V |
Working Voltage | DC 9.5V-15.5V | DC 20-30V | DC 40-60V |
Input Current | 38A | 19A | 9A |
Conversion Efficiency | >85% |
Continuous Power | 450W |
Peak Power | 900W |
Output Voltage | AC 100V-120V/210-240V |
Output Current | 4A/2A |
Output Frequency | 50Hz-60Hz |
Wave Form | Modified Sine Wave |
USB Output Voltage | DC 5V(800mA) |
Thermal Protection | 70 |
Operating Temperature | 040 |
Cooling | By Intelligent Fan |
Under Voltage | 101V | 201 | 401 |
Over Voltage | 151V | 301 | 601 |
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