1500W DC To AC Modified Sine Wave Inverter For Home Or Office Appliances

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1500W DC To AC Household Modified Sine Wave Inverter Solar Power Converter

TSA Series Power Inverter

The power inverter can convert DC12V to AC220-240V.

It has many protections: overload, over temperature, short-circuit, low voltage, over voltage protection. And it has stable performance and precise output voltage; Built-in cooling fan with low noise; Comes with a car charger and a pair of alligator clip, convenient to use.Perfect for television, DVD player and other household appliances.


This is a compact inverter system for home and office appliances. Its selectable wide and narrow input voltage switch featurs flexibility for users. this sine inverter is perfect to connect either generators or computer-related devices. It's a green subsitution for generators without air pollution. It also provides overload and short circuit protection.

1. Universal Protection Circuit: Over-Voltage, thermal protection, earth fault protection, overload protection, short circuit protection. 2.Inverter and charger indicator: Fully charged, Public Power, Inverter fault. 3. Dual sockets output

Basic Information:

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Model | TSA1500 | TSB1500 | TSC1500 |
Input Voltage | DC 12V | DC 24V | DC 48V |
Working Voltage | DC 9.5V-15.5V | DC 20-30V | DC 40-60V |
Input Current | 125A | 62.5A | 31.25A |
Conversion Efficiency | >90% |
Continuous Power | 1500W |
Peak Power | 3000W |
Output Voltage | AC110-120v/220-240V |
Output Current | 50Hz-60Hz2Hz |
Output Frequency | 13A/6.8A |
Wave Form | Modified Sine Wave |
USB Output Voltage | 70 |
Thermal Protection | 040 |
Operating Temperature | By Fan |
Cooling | Yes |
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