Hardened Self Tapping Stainless Steel Screws , Pan Head Self Drilling Screw

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Self tapping screws pan head ST8.0x30 ISO7049 DIN7981 type C -H zinc plate

This International Standard specifies the characteristics of Cross recessed pan head tapping screws with thread sizes from ST 2,2 to ST 9,5 inclusive.

Surface hardness:

The minimum surface hardness after heat treatment
shall be 450 HV 0,3

Core hardness:

The core hardness af?er heat treatment shall be
270 HV 5 to 390 HV 5 for threads S ST3,9, and
270 HV 10 to 390 HV 10 for threads > ST4,2.

If you are looking for flange head screws, please contact us for further information.

Self tapping screws torsional strength

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